Thursday, May 1, 2008

The High Trapeze

My dear friend Colours the Clown just called (Colours and I go way back). Colours has a rostered day off from the circus today, so we could have a lovely long chat and catch up on all the news.

It seems that Colours has been very busy. She has been busy juggling balls (multicoloured balls, naturally), also cutlery and crockery, and the occasional laundry basket. Her other circus responsibilities include driving her car around in circles while beeping gleefully, stealing the circus-master's whip and cracking it masterfully, and talking the lion-tamer into letting her tame a lion or two. I told you - Colours is amazing.

There is, however, one circus apparatus which has so far eluded Colours - the high trapeze.

Colours cannot fly on the high trapeze because she is the circus's best (and only) safety officer. Colours has the daily job of checking the safety net for holes, and ensuring that all of the harnesses are in tip-top condition. She must then stand at attention beside the net while the performers practice their acts. This is called "spotting", which means that the flyers' lives depend on her keen eye and swift movement. She is the ultimate professional.

However, sometimes, when the flyers are out to lunch, and the weather is just right, Colours calls me and says "come over quick, the coast is clear". Which I do, immediately. And then Colours climbs the really tall ladder to the really high trapeze, and she swings with abandon while I stand beside the net, way down on the ground, and spot for her. Because that's what friends are for.


blackbird said...


Anonymous said...

My circus job involves cleaning up after the animals.

I'm ready to quit.

Can Colours pull some strings and maybe get me a job as the Fat Lady--or the Bearded Lady or something?

I CAN grow a beard, if necessary.

Suse said...

Ask your friend if she's read 'Water for Elephants'?

Anonymous said...

Eleanor: please pass on to eurolush that elephant droppings make awesome compost and that I would be happy to take all that she can e-mail me.

Your friend,

p.s. My circus job is counting the clowns. I am an accountant; numbers are my business.