Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An adventure

Sydney is home.
Cairns is an adventure.

We went snorkelling at the reefs which are highlighted in orange:

The boat trip out to the reef was a HUGE challenge for us. It was a very windy day, so the waves were enormous. My son and I are prone to seasickness. I'd rather not talk about it...suffice to say we were eventually able to raise our heads, and that's when we saw this! It was all worth it!!

Son jumps in.

I jump in.

I keep looking beside me, checking that my son is still there. It's a pretty big ocean.

When we jump into the water this is what we see-deep blue depths with shadows. SCARY!!!

We swim and swim and then see this just below the surface


Joining a school of fish


Silver surprise

Underwater forest

A magnificent home to many creatures

A zebra-fish pointed out a piece of mustard-coloured coral to me. Consider this a sneak preview Anna...I shall post my "mustard" later today.

A yellow-tailed cutie bids us farewell

Mother and son


blackbird said...

You two are just as cute as can be.

Thank you for sharing your underwater adventure. That's as close as I'll probably get to the Great Barrier Reef!

Badger said...

Wow! Just spectacular. And what a handsome tennis pro you have there!

That One said...

You and your son look so very happy and relaxed. I'm sorry he lost this tourney, but am glad you got to see the reef so you could take pictures to share with us.

Safe journey home.

Anonymous said...

Adorable must run in the family.

Such beautiful photos, Eleanor!

The color of the water is amazing...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And the fish and underwater life were lovely to look at too.

Sömsmånen said...

Look at you, beautiful happy people! So thrilled to come along, it's pretty amazing really, to have this coming right into my livingroom. Yes, I did see the mustard!

Mary said...

It is always lovely to put a face to the blogger. And to see her handsome son.