Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current obsession

Poppy talks about a leopard print scarf, and I'm all about these shoes.

I'm intrigued by these custom-made shoes. But I think looking at their website might be more fun than actually ordering a pair. And much cheaper too, of course.

Also, I lied about the lipsticks I bought. I also bought this one, never owned a coral colour before. It looks much more subtle on my skin tone, really, I swear.

And I bought another one. But I'll keep that for the next post.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Psst...over here...sshhhh....


yeah you,

come closer,

all right,

now without making any sudden moves, and without even glancing at the "Seven" post, go read Duyvken's comment to the "Writing tips" post.

Duyvken is, from today, and hereafter, like, forever, my mystical GURU. She is the learned elder who will always have the answer to my most complex numerological ponderings. She is The One.

And her family is the only original Seven. Duyvken took the number Seven and materialised it. She is that powerful. Stupid Posh doesn't know the half of the true meaning of Seven (no, it's not three and a half, silly).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Writing tips

Dance in front of the mirror to this song.

Guaranteed to rid you of writer's block.

Monday, July 11, 2011


The Beckhams named their baby Harper Seven. I understand Harper, OK, it's a bit of a trend at the moment. Everyone loves to love "To Kill A Mockingbird," you know, the author Harper Lee and then Scout is also making a showing. Not my cup of tea, but I can deal with Harper, and I'm even willing to look the other way and smile at Scout.

But Seven?


A number is not a name. I don't care if it's the number on the shirt of her really, really talented soccer-playing Daddy. I don't care if she was born at 7am on the the 7th of the 7th. Surely they must have accumulated a wonderful list of girls' names by now, surely they realise that girls' names are the most wonderful names to choose, so much more fun than choosing boys' names, really, especially after you've had three boys.

Seven? Seven is a movie starring Brad Pitt, with Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head in a box.

What has happened to the truly meaningful tradition of naming one's child after a dearly loved relative who has passed away? Call me an egoist but it gives me great joy to imagine that my great-great-great-granddaughter might be called Eleanor, in my memory.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The commentbox support structure

Thanks Duyvken for your help with the title of this post (aka "commentbox support structure"). Now everyone go and look at her latest photo of JW, so so good.

Also please take a moment to sit in silence in front of your screen and contemplate the tragic loss to the blogosphere of one Eurolush. I've had to go cold turkey since she left Germany, and I'm not doing very well. Doctor says the shakes and sweats will soon stop, but this rehab crap is not really working for me. Nobody can ever take Eurolush's place.

I'm writing this commentbox support structure from my bed at 9am Saturday. In front of me the window shutters are wide open, framing the bright sunny sky and the treetops - a wattle in full yellow bloom and young pinkish eucalyptus leaves. I love a Sydney winter. When I first arrived in Australia from Israel (I was 8) it was winter, and I couldn't get over how strange it was to see super-bright sunshine and feel the cold. Sydney winter sun is one of my favourite things in the whole world.

I just finished writing my first draft of the rom-com!! It was well received and I'm now into what is known in the industry as "a polish". Do not be fooled by the friendly vibe of the word "polish", it's fancy producer-talk for a quick rewrite, but it's not bad... you see, the great thing about screenwriting is that you always get a chance to rewrite. It's actually a luxury to know that what you write is always a "draft" and will change depending on your collaboration with producer, director, actor etc etc. It is never, by definition, "perfect" or "finished." Phew.

I pity the novelist who sits in her room for years working by herself. I get three months to write all on my lonesome and then I get to sit in a cafe and talk about my imaginary characters with a producer. We spent two hours discussing characters I had made up!!! Only the other day I was told that something I had my character do was "out of character," and you know what? I agreed with the criticism and changed it accordingly, and then I also had a good laugh because I had apparently written a character who was so fully rounded that the reader actually thought she KNEW him and could PREDICT what he would or wouldn't do. I'm very happy.

One of my characters loves makeup, so I've had to do research. Poor me, hanging out at cosmetics counters, chatting with makeup girls and guys, testing products. I even started using cosmetics as rewards for myself. Upon finishing each act, I allowed myself to purchase one item. And a few besides. This is the first time I have ever been paid to write so my spending has taken on a different feel.

I know, you want to know what I bought.

Illamasqua lipstick in "Climax." It's very matte, so I've had to be vigilant with my lip balm usage. I wouldn't usually go for this type of pink but the sales guy was the most gorgeous, sweet young man and talked me into it. I love it. Illamasqua's motto "make-up for your alter ego," how good is that? Also love their nailpolish colours, especially the bright green "Smash".

Becca creme blush in Turkish Rose is fab. Becca's an Aussie brand which is actually more popular overseas. Go figure.

I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser every day now. LOVE.

My new beauty guru, attention ladies, because this gal will change your beauty life as you know it, please give a warm welcome to Miss Zoe Foster. She just came out with a book which I highly recommend - "Amazing Face." I've bought a copy for myself, my daughter, my nieces, and I even went and stood in line to meet Zoe and have her sign them. Check out her videos on that Penguin link, she's adorable. And her blog-writing style is so funny. Not even close to being as witty and funny as Eurolush, but, you know, nobody comes close to our beloved Eurolush.

My new fave fashion blogger is The Man Repeller.

My most inexplicable addiction is to the tweeting of the Swatchaholic. She lives in Germany, loves her Starbucks, and is totally crazy-mad-loopy about nail polishes. I'm not that into nailpolishes (I still bit my nails) but something about this gal makes me happy, maybe her constant optimism as each new season brings with it new jellies, duochromes, dupes and lemmings.

In other breaking news.... Miss CB and I are heartbroken. We had been relying on Natalie Portman to choose a "real" name for her baby boy. In a world in which Apple and Egypt have become acceptable names for innocent, blameless babies we thought Natalie would lead the way to a better, rational naming world. Not so. Do not be fooled by well-meaning and politically correct journalists, "Aleph" is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN a Hebrew/Jewish name for a child. It is the name of the first letter of the alphabet, as A, B and C are in English. Sure, it has esoteric meaning, I studied Jewish Mysticism in university and yes.... all Hebrew letters have a great deal of profound religious significance..... but that doesn't mean that tattooing them on your body (I'm looking at you Posh) is the way to go. Neither is using them as names. Rant over.

Or maybe not. Because, you know what? There are so many beautiful Biblical names to use that hearken back to matriarchs and patriarchs and heroes of the Jewish world. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesse, David, Michael, Saul, Samuel, Noam, Itamar, Joshua, Solomon. For starters. Just saying.

And perhaps the coffee I just drank was a tad too strong. I seem to be ranting.

Signing off.

E x