Sunday, July 19, 2009

No Way

And the winner is....Suse!!

Yep, the true-blue Aussie response to the chorus of the song featured in my previous post is indeed Suse's version.

I'll tell you a little secret...I didn't actually know anything about this aspect of the song until I read the comments to the last post. I suppose it shows that I was moved from Australia to England and then back to Australia at that crucial stage of development when I should have been experiencing this rite of passage. I'm quite upset about this.

In any case, my blogging is taking care of the gaps in my teenage development, thank goodness. You see, I googled the song name with an addition of "rude words" and what do you know...I found this.

I really feel much better now. choice of song is even BETTER now than I had originally realised!!

Thanks everyone. You rock!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's all about film chez Commentbox tonight, all about film. Tonight's class was a 2-hour breakdown of the plot of a James Bond film, and I learnt a hell of a lot. Really!! There's a method to the box-office success of 007 and it taught me, yet again, to never underestimate popular culture. That being said...I have yet to sit through an entire James Bond film without falling asleep.

Here is a classic movie moment from MY crazy teenage years - the song I danced to in front of the mirror after watching "Starstruck" for the first time. The next day I went out and bought a striped shirt and red boots too.

But for my film of the imagination....I'd like to use another song for the final credits. It'll be a film about the power and glorious fun of friendships, about feeling free, not having to prove anything to anybody, and being beautiful inside and out. It'll be set in Australia, and all of the Hollywood celebrities will watch the film and feel ugly and boring compared to the characters in my story. It'll make every Hollywood starlet who's ever had a facelift feel really really ugly, and silly.

Simple really.

The Wattle Blossom Waltz

When your garden is filled
With those Banksia Men,
Don't succumb to their plot,
Don't dare set down your pen.

Yes, the wattle puffs scatter
In your garden's harsh winds,
But in best backyard races
The patient one wins.

So it is there I shall wait for you,
Darling wordfriend,
In that cold winter garden
'til your dark season ends.

P.S. With thanks to the beautiful wattle trees and May Gibbs.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life's not about what's better than

I'm using up all my words elsewhere at the moment, the scriptwriting work is incredibly challenging and I am learning so much. It has taken me a while, but for the first time I really understand that to write well you need to have a really really really good story. Once you have that story, and it may take a very long time, the actual writing will probably come by itself. I always thought of writing as stringing together words in a beautiful way, but this course is forcing me to wring out every drop of story I can possibly come up with, and then some.

It's incredibly liberating, actually, to concentrate on "What happens next..." but also horribly frightening. So it looks like I may be writing a thriller! Who knew??!!

As my days progress in a rollercoaster ride of great idea, awful idea, great idea, awful idea I need to keep my mind on what's truly I'm listening to this song quite a bit.

I hope that you enjoy it too! (The John Butler Trio):