Monday, June 6, 2011


I read this post featuring Edith Drake, and I watched the little clip in which she introduces her husband Ervin. I adore the way she pauses for a moment before saying his name, she could be on stage with that introduction. As Ervin Drake mentioned the songs he's composed my jaw dropped. You can pass someone on the street and you just don't know who they might be.

I love this story about how Sinatra decided to sing "When I was 17 it was a very good year..." Then I googled "A room without windows" because I'm not familiar with it. Would you believe it was written for a musical called "What makes Sammy run?" which is about a screenwriter. So here it is, I simply adore this song, and I think it's even more timely today as we're bombarded with different types of windows on electronic screens.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Even Though I'm A Woman

I think it was Kim from Allconsuming who put me onto "Seeker, Lover, Keeper" last week. Thanks Kim!! This song is a particular favourite, the video is genius, pure and simple genius. This one is also bloody awesome.

I'm writing a romantic comedy screenplay at the moment, so these two songs are a perfect match. I have a question for any of you who are in the mood to write a comment:

Are there any hygiene/grooming habits of men that you really detest? Please tell me. Does a monobrow give you the shits? Smelly feet? Long hair? Back hair? Nasal hair? I'm collecting anecdotes. Help me if you can.

E xxxx