Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not a tennis post

I just spoke to my daughter who saw "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day" last night and gives it two huge thumbs up. She alerted me to the fact that Lee Pace, who plays a character called Michael, is a total hottie. And now I have alerted all of you!

But Miss Pettigrew is not new to me. No. Not at all. Because Miss Pettigrew was the heroine of a book before she hit the big screen, a beautifully perfect little book from an equally perfect little publishing house called Persephone Books. I discovered these books several years ago when I was visiting my parents, who used to live in London. I miss the good ol' days when I could stay with my parents in that glorious city, have my kids spoilt rotten by their doting grandparents, wander the streets and shops, visit the museums, drink copious amounts of good tea, buy Percy Pigs at Marks & Spencer's (that one is for Alice and her son).

Sorry. Back to topic. They even have it as an audio book, which would be perfect for Suse as she commutes to work:
It's read by Frances McDormand, so it's sure to be sublime!


Sömsmånen said...

Notes: must see Miss Pettigrew lives..., must get mother to move to London so I can visit, meanwhile read the book of said miss P.

The colour theme doesn't have to be clothing! I was thinking cute things, flowers, houses, shoes (on self or other)anything really.If Cairns really is the tropical paradise I read it was, well, you must join the game!

Badger said...

Frances McDormand! My girl crush! The one I would turn for! Must obtain that audio book ASAP.

I don't know whether you get the TV series "Pushing Daisies" down there, but Lee Pace stars in it. It's a lovely, quirky little show.

Ali said...

I am rapidly turning into a Persephone junkie. Perhaps the film will inspire more folks to discover it.

Suse said...

Do you read Jane's blog Yarnstorm? (The big famous one). She is a Persephone nut, has a huge collection, blogged about the shop recently, and has blogged about the books in the past too. You'd like her.