Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Knit one, poem one

I have an ongoing fascination with socks. But until recently, I took my socks for granted. Black or white, worn until worn out, not much to write about.

Then I started reading blogs, and suddenly I realised that socks can be much more than...well...socks. They are personal creations, pieces of art, celebrations of colour and texture, symbols of homespun warmth, passion for life.

I wanted to join the club.

But knitting is a bit like learning to swim, or to ride a bike, or to play the piano. If you didn't do it as a child, it will take time and effort and commitment; three aspects of my present life which are already being used to capacity.

So I knitted a poem instead.

I replaced the needles with pencils and clickety-clacked away for your enjoyment.

This sock is dedicated to all of you crafty bloggers who have stitched your way into my know who you are!

Two needles, one skein,
Creating sticks, no colour's plain.
Follow pattern, line by line,
Home-love, patience and divine.
See it growing baby hat,
See it loving, tit for tat.
Increase, decrease, line unfurl,
Life a lesson, boy meets girl.
Final gauge, one of two,
Couple vulnerable, twins few.
Take a photo, capture that,
Sit and watch,


Anonymous said...

Now you're making ME want to learn to knit...

Loved the poem.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can do a poem about knitting as well as you did could probably learn to knit and purl. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! But really knitting isn't like riding a bike or swimming--you can learn easily as an adult. I promise!

Anonymous said...

Knitting is productive and fun and a great time-killer -- waiting at the dentist's office, waiting for your kid, sitting in a boring meeting, watching something on tv that everyone else loves and you are bored stiff by.

Poetry, however, is poetry. It still occupies a sacred place in our minds.

Maria said...

I'm not good at that stitching thing, but I like that poem! Not bad stitching with words, that is good!! Maybe that "sock" is the most comfortable?! =)

Suse said...

God you're gorgeous.

Come to Melbourne and I'll teach you to knit and you can teach me to write poetry.

RW said...

How fascinating. I too, am quite enthralled with the whole knitting of socks...

Sömsmånen said...

Oh, Mary, knitting with words has one great advantage, you never run out of yarn. Or maybe you do? Can't imagine it ever happen to you.