Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Colours The Clown

Colours the clown will be making occasional guest appearances on my blog. Colours and I go way back.

So, with that introduction over, let me just say that Colours really loves her coffee, and she was just savouring the first sips of her large soy latte yesterday morning, at the cafe around the corner, as one does, when who should walk in and sit down beside her? None other than Cate Blanchett.

Ms. Blanchett, who is expecting a baby quite soon, was sporting a layered look (cream top, black tunic kind of combo), her hair was down, and shiny, she had make-up on, it was early morning. One of her sons was with her, he was well behaved and quietly eating a jam donut. I expressed some disappointment at the fact that she seemed to be so, um, perfect. But Colours says, and this is a direct quote:

"She did have a look on her face that seemed to say 'bloody hell, I'm pregnant again!' "

But that might be entirely Colours' interpretation, because Colours loves me and wants to cheer me up.


Suse said...

You still sound lovely.

(And it's well known in blog circles that I will arm wrestle anyone for Cate Blanchett. You have been warned, lovely or not).

Eleanor said...

Suse - Now I understand.

The cute little Mary Jane baby booties, in blue and pink, just in case.

The darling white pixie cap.

They are all for Ms. Blanchett are they not?

I bow out gracefully. Touche.

blackbird said...

Cate is busy with ME this weekend though.
She appreciates my domestic skills.

colours said...

As usual I have to throw a spanner in the works. I don"t like Cate or any other actress. How can I like someone who is paid to pull faces and feign emotion. I have to do that all day long. Why doesn't anyone give me millions of dollars and describe how glowing I was when pregnant? If you keep paying attention to them it only encourages them.

I only allowed her to sit in my coffee shop because I was feeling generous.