Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Truth in advertising

I want to talk about last week's OK! Magazine which I picked up while waiting in line at the supermarket.

I want to talk about how the featured photos of JLo posing with her husband and twin babies made me snort out loud with derision. I want to talk about how I turned to the woman behind me, thrust the magazine in her face, and practically dripped with sarcasm as I said "yes, that's EXACTLY what I looked like when my babies were newborns."

Just in case any of you missed it, let me paint you the picture:

  • JLo poses in doorway wearing stiletto heels, clingy dress and baby.
  • JLo wears cream dress, a plunging neckline and baby.
  • JLo wears a pleated dress, a $600 hair-do, 4 pearl bracelets and a baby.

Just writing those descriptions has me coming out in a rash and hyperventilating. I am a passionate follower of the realist movement of mothering, surrealism makes my blood run cold. It also makes me talk to perfect strangers in the supermarket, and rant at other total strangers, like you, right now.

Ok! I talked, you listened, I'm done.


blackbird said...

I'm pretty sure she must have a little flab here and there, aren't you?
I think it's probably still a little early for her to have had liposuction to clean that up, don't you think?
And the husband looks as though he's never slept, so there's that.

colours said...

Very Cool Miss E.