Saturday, April 26, 2008


Snow White ( in German, Schneewittchen) is the title character of a well known fairy tale known from many places in Europe. The most popular version is the one collected by the Brothers Grimm. The German version features elements such as the mirror and the seven dwarfs. I checked Wikipedia for this, just to make sure I got my facts straight.

Now. It has come to my attention that a certain eurolush looks REMARKABLY LIKE SNOW WHITE. You can see eurolush here. Yes, April 25th...Le Grocery Shopping...scroll down a she is, Snow White kissing one of her dwarfs. RE.MAR.KA.BLE. I know.

Just in case any of you are still in any doubt whatsoever about the resemblance, here is another picture which should bring you around:
And here is Snow White admiring the beautiful produce she bought at Cora:

But wait!!! Who is that ugly, evil woman pictured in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture?'s ELEANOR, IT IS ELEANOR WHO IS COVETING EUROLUSH'S LIFE.

Eleanor is not experiencing simple envy, no she is not, she is COVETING, and this is EVIL because we all know that to envy someone's possessions is acceptable but to covet it borders on evil.

And here is further proof of Eleanor's EVIL ways, she has now MUTATED (sweet god!!!) into the village witch and is OPENLY coveting eurolush's life, while eurolush OBLIVIOUSLY and QUITE INNOCENTLY (dammit) continues to both admire the produce from Cora and FLAUNT IT IN FRONT OF ELEANOR'S VERY EYES :

It is a shocking situation, and it's getting uglier by the minute here. Could this be the end of Eleanor's previously healthy and happy relationship with eurolush?


You see, eurolush's blog is so incredibly addictive, and so hysterically funny, that Eleanor is not going to give up. Eleanor will continue to WORK ON HER PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS and will thus be able to continue her relationship with eurolush.

Eleanor is JUST THAT LOYAL to her blogging friends.


blackbird said...

And THAT, my little blogfriend, is why you will never see a photo of me on my blog.

You cannot be trusted.

(Do you suppose we could somehow kidnap Euro and take her place? We could take turns living her pastry filled life.)

Suse said...

I nearly fell over when I clicked on your blog and saw the title of this post. You see, I am currently in the middle of researching and writing a paper on the Grimms fairy tales and the way Disney has usurped them etc etc, FOCUSSING ON SNOW WHITE as the preeminent example.

So, I am like, totally immersed in Snow White right now, Grimms and Disney, and it was a bit of a shock to open up and see her here. Particularly the Disney her. The one with all the dwarves and the stepmother. The one who has to be brought back to life by a man. That one. (As opposed to the Grimms one). Ok I'd better stop, hadn't I and get back to putting it on paper, not on blog.

Life is a bundle of coincidences.

Suse said...

BB, she totally cannot be trusted. Yesterday she told the world I wet my pants.

eurolush said...

Eleanor, You crack me up.

I swear to god, I nearly peed MY pants when I read this.

Thanks for the blog lurve...and by the way, it's is mutual.

Suse said...

Eleanor, can you pass on a message to Eurolush that I am v.impressed with her mad French skillz. Hello!

I cannot load her blog properly, let alone comment, as her photos (?) or banner (?) are so bandwidth-heavy, so must leave messages elsewhere. So sad.

(ps. Also, Shrek and Noddy aren't Disney, tell her, but because she looks so adorably like Snow White I'll cut her some slack).

Hello! (Eurolush for thank you).

I'm dominating the combox today, eh? I'll go now.

kmkat said...

Oh my sweet lord, now I have subscribed to eurolush's blog, too. This interwebs, she is like ze rabbit hole, eh?

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