Friday, April 11, 2008

Me and you and a dog named Blue

Yesterday evening, as I walked with Blue to the dog park, I found myself overwhelmed with how my blogging life had infiltrated so many little moments of my day.

For example, yesterday morning, I was walking through the shopping centre when I spotted a Veronika Maine boutique. I found myself, quite without meaning to, staring fixedly at the mannequins in the window and trying to guess which of the outfits Kim bought, and which she might have to return. I do not know Kim at all really. Yet there I was, thinking of her, and feeling a great deal of affection.

In the afternoon, I was walking to the bank, when I found myself (again, quite without meaning to) taking a very keen interest in what my fellow pedestrians were wearing. I was beginning to see things through the sartorialist's eyes. I noticed interesting colours and textures, and I noticed a particular woman and thought to myself "the sartorialist would take her picture if he were here." Then, dear reader, I ACTUALLY WENT UP TO THAT WOMAN AND TOLD HER THAT I LOVED HER LOOK.

I have never done that before.

I did it because blackbird once posted a picture of an interestingly-attired woman standing at her local library, and blackbird said that she usually likes to tell such people how much she likes their look, but that the woman disappeared before blackbird got a chance to do so. I do not know blackbird at all really. Yet there I was, copying her unique method of blackbirding.

After admiring that particular woman I sat at a cafe and, for a few moments, pondered my style - what is my style? and am I doing the most I can with the clothes I have? Before I knew it, I saw Mary's self-portrait in my mind's eye, and then an entire spool of blog postings and comments which I had read in reference to a meme (still not 100% sure of what that is, but anyway) that dared female bloggers to show their faces. Should I have a photo on my blog? Is this a feminist issue? Privacy issue? Personal issue?

These questions started to vex me. And of course I never ever used that word before blackbird did so on her blog.

I won't go on. But I could. I really could.

I could tell you about the fun I had yesterday browsing through etsy (etsy, etsy, etsy) and that I bought myself a little gift, and then I bought one for Colours too. And you just know, dear reader, that I would never have done any such thing if not for Suse, who is very lovely.


blackbird said...

As I was scrolling down through this post I was thinking: Oh! I hope she told the woman she looked lovely!

Heh heh.

Talk to Alice about it all, the stages and phases of new blogging.
She's getting the hang of it too.

kim at allconsuming said...

Wait. There's a Veronica Maine BOUTIQUE??

It is an addiction btw. Blogging that is.

Ginnie said...

Hi, Eleanor,
I've also found that the blog world has changed the way I view things. I'm more conscious of little things - it's so much fun! I'm glad you've joined the club.

P.S. Found you through blackbird.

Jen said...

You're a fast learner, Eleanor. I think I was blogging for about six months before I learned it is not pronounced "may-may."