Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's lunchtime, and the cafeteria seating arrangements are freaking me out.

So I finally have my own blog, and it's thanks to the encouragement of a certain woman who is behind the joy that is allconsuming. If I knew what I was doing with this blogging thing, you would be able to click on "allconsuming" and find her. But I know nothing. NOTHING. Wait, let me try this, allconsuming please work. Wow, I feel like I'm learning my first spell at Hogwarts.

I was a lurker for a good month, and then I embraced the comment boxes. One day, I noticed that Sue of the peasoup wrote that she thought I sounded lovely. That really made my day. Then I actually met Kim, live and for real, and she later wrote that she wanted to spread me on toast. And that was quite something. In addition, I have had the sheer guts (fingertips hovering over keyboard nervously for many minutes) to criticize blackbird's brother's hairstylist, decisively, as if I am not a total stranger but someone she knows and trusts. She didn't seem to mind.

I have also gleefully lurked in mary's garden and mountains, sueeeus (although I still forget the number of e's from time to time) and, of course, badger. My secret (well, not any more) obsession with journeymama continues as I prepare to embrace life in India, from my desk, in Sydney, Australia.

Yet, despite all of the above, I am most definitely the new girl in school, and I feel like everyone is eyeing me warily as I grab a tray ("I could kill you with a tray", that one is for Kim and BB) and try to navigate my way to an appropriate table.

So, hi, my name's this seat taken?

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blackbird said...

Very Exciting.
Welcome to your first day!