Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off the top of my head

I went to the hairdresser yesterday. Actually, you all went to the hairdresser with me, because I talked to all of you (in my head, silently) the entire time.

However, before I share the full salon experience with you, I would like to remind everyone that the "comment poem" in the right margin of this page is always available to any visiting blogger. Simply tell me (in the comment box of my latest post) what you feel like when you receive a comment on one of YOUR posts. I will copy your phrase into the poem, and then link it back to your blog.

I called it a "comment poem" just then, but I did not coin that phrase. No, that honour must go to the wondrous Anna, who has now also added her little phrase to the top of the poem. Go ahead, have a look. When I read Anna's simile I was moved to tears, because she really summed it up so perfectly.

As a sign of my appreciation, I am going to indulge in a few seconds of show-and-tell. Here are my comfortable shoes that are exactly the same shade of blue as Anna's (I believe). I have posed my feet on an Ikea rug, because that (unfortunately) is the closest I have ever gotten to Sweden.

I am off to the shops later today to purchase a pair of polka-dotted socks.

I, too, like old tins. There is a second-hand shop just up the road from me, and I like to pop in every so often on the chance that I may find a gem. I found this a few years ago, and I still love it. I thought Anna might enjoy seeing it as it's decorated with Australian flowers. The huge, bright red flower is a waratah (which happens to be the floral emblem of the Australian state in which I live), while the embossed flower on the tin's lid is a flannel flower.

Oh dear. I have now completely lost track of my salon story. Let me get a cup of tea and press the refresh button.


No. I am afraid not. I cannot concentrate any more on the description of my haircut because I must immediately take a picture of myself, my haircut, and my Yoshi Jones skirt which I just KNOW Anna will love, what with her combined love of colour and Japanese design at the present moment. Sorry.
Oops, I almost forgot - people, start packing your bags, because we're leaving for Cairns on Friday. You'll get to meet my thirteen-year-old son and follow his adventures as he competes in the Far North Queensland tennis tournament. And don't forget your cozzie (Australian for swimming costume/suit) because we may even have a little snorkel.


Badger said...

Look how freaking cute you are!

bluemountainsmary said...

Very happy to be going to Cairns - I need some warm sun in my bones!

alice c said...

How nice to meet you, your haircut, your skirt and your shoes. I think this is going to be a great relationship.

Anna said...

Goodness, I'm blushing all over. You're so kind and generous! I'll save this and go back on days when spirits are not so high. You're right about the shoes, it must be the exact same blue! I really enjoyed the photo of you and the skirt is gorgeous. Hair looks great too! And tin is lovely, too.
I had to look up Cairns, "a tropical paradise"!? I need to get my image of Australia updated. I know you have all climates and all kinds of topography - and desert in the middle, right?
Have fun, sounds wonderful!

eurolush said...

Eleanor, You are adorable. In so many ways.

I'm loving the skirt, shoes, hair...all of it!

The blog crush continues...

blackbird said...



Tuli said...

That skirt? Fantastic.

So nice to have a face to go with your name. Like Badger said, Look how freaking cute you are!

Have fun in Cairns.

Just Plain Jane said...

That's a smashing outfit! Cute shoes. Slim ankles.... lucky you!

blackbird said...

You are ignoring me, Eleanor.
You're lucky you are as CUTE AS A BUTTON.

I NEED your address.

Duyvken said...

Great haircut!! You do NOT look old enough to have a 13 year old son... oh and those shoes are adorable.