Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Your Royal Lushness!

Today is a very special day in the Kingdom of Blog. Just in case any of you are newcomers to The Kingdom I have put together a quick historical recap:

This is how I discovered Eurolush's blog - via her commentbox in blackbird's blog...look for Eurolush's comment and my commentbox a little bit further down. It makes me laugh, like looking at old school photos of myself and my friends. If you know what I mean. And I bet you do.

This is my first commentbox from Eurolush, I was very very excited!

This is my first commentbox in Eurolush's blog, little baby steps...

This is the very first time I courageously teased Eurolush, I'm even better at it now.

This is when blackbird mentioned both of us in a post last year, and we're still have fun with it, thanks bb. Mwah!

This is how I celebrated Eurolush's birthday this time last year.


Dear Lushy,

I know that you have a very busy day planned, what with all of that beer-drinking and pastry-eating on the agenda. However, please take just a moment to think of all of us - the members of the Eurolush Fan Club (President - Eleanorfromthecommentbox, secretary - The Bluemeister) who are gathered in your commentboxes today, celebrating with you.

Thanks for the good times, and may they continue for many years to come.

In what is now an annual birthday tradition I am once again disabling my own commentbox (sharp intake of breath, shock, amazement) and sending everyone to Germany for the PARTY OF A LIFETIME.

Love, E xxxx