Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2:18pm and 5:46pm


I'm back! Same colour, dark brown. Same cut, shorter in the back than the front by a little bit, natural curl, but a leeeetle bit shorter in the back than last time.

I used to obsess about going to the hairdresser, but not now. Now I just walk up the hill to the local place and I trust Chicky. Chicky's a petite, torn-jeans and nose-ring wearing Chilean gal with dead straight hair. Last month it was fluorescent red but today it was jet black.

Chicky understands that I don't want to chat. This is the most important thing when it comes to getting my hair cut. I.don'


Sorry about that, my parents dropped by with cupcakes to celebrate Miss CB's final exam. My father was taken aback by the 2 roast chickens in my fridge (one for tonight, one for the freezer) and he said in Hebrew "Al zeh amru, im tirzu ein zo agadah" - "That's what is meant by "If you will it, it is no dream.""

Then I decided that it was too wasteful to eat the 1st chicken tonight, when it too could be frozen and served on Friday night. That's right, that's right...I'm cooking because my parents are going away on holiday. We will not be going to my parents' place for Friday night dinners for several weeks in a row. We will not be receiving roast beefs and lasagnes (lasagnas?)and fancy pickled vegetables in plastic containers for many weeks in a row. Also no more cakes and no more brownies.

So, where was I? Yes, so I went and bought some fish - trout - which I will bake for the family, with rice and a steamed vegetable. Because I'm saving the chicken for emergencies.

Tonight is Book Club night, I shall post about the latest gossip and what food was served. I might also tell you what everyone was wearing. I'm shallow like that.


Suse said...

I'm impressed that you're having baked trout for dinner! We had roast chicken - pre roasted by the nice people at the supermarket. If I was sensible like you I would have bought two and put one in the freezer.

There are 4 white cockatoos trying to squeeze into our small-bird birdfeeder as I type this. The idiots.

wv is inshlyt which I believe is an Arabic insult involving birdshit.

Suse said...

FIve cockies now!

and I can't even READ this wv. Am going to fail.

eurolush said...

Love the new haircut!! You are a FOXY LADY.

Oh, no. I sense the upcoming painful parent-withdrawal of 2009. How could they leave you all alone and hungry??? You are their BABY!! They MUST FEED THE BABY!!

Really, the least your mother could've done is to cook meals for all the Fridays they'll be missing and leave them in the freezer for you. It's just common courtesy.

Alright. Now I'm waiting to hear all about book club.

Suse said...

Me too.

(Haircut, and book club).

wv is antmard. The Jewish grandmother you left behind in Noo Yawk.

kim at allconsuming said...

Um, dude, your hair looks exactly.the.same.

Sure, it's adorable and kicky and I'm just envious of you having such bouncy hair but IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME.

kim at allconsuming said...

and you better point out to your Dad that even saying it in Hebrew doesn't mean we don't know he didn't steal it straight from Field of Dreams.

If you build it, he will come.

WV - cocratem - which sort of sounds like some Yiddish swear word your Dad would mutter at me for being such an upstart.

blackbird said...

I think your cut looks very chic. I don't remember what it looked like before...dark and curly? Anyhoo, it looks like it will work very well in a certain Giant Metropolis which you might be visiting.

My wv? gornish, which, I suppose is the name of the man from whom one purchases eyeglasses. I don't know why we are discussing wv's but there you are.

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm with Kim. I can't tell the difference. I was hoping for a bold cut, something radical, ya know.
But you look charming as usual, there's something happy in your eyes all the time.

And it's lasagne.

I see there's a WF trend going on, mine is beween as in the between of us there is a LOT of ocean!

Tuli said...

Just like parents - to get you used to a routine, then they go and CHANGE IT UP.

Perfect new haircut for spring, I think.

My wv is psaca. Imagine what you will.

Duyvken said...

"If you will it, it in no dream"
I love Mr CB.

Cool haircut, E!