Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Live blogging

I'm not in my usual routine this week. A couple of projects have come to an end, I've been busy with paperwork for Master CB's change of school, and MISS COMMENTBOX JUST FINISHED HER VERY LAST HIGH SCHOOL EXAM.

I am celebrating by getting my hair coloured and cut, and my appointment is in 15 minutes.

I shall continue to check in every hour or so with the latest trivialities of my day. I call it "live blogging" although it really isn't.

It's Day One (hello Badgerxxx), plus I have taken my migraine medication which makes me feel a little light-headed.

I have never written a post like this before. I'm discussing menstruation and medication. I truly do not feel like myself.

But I still can't type the F word, although I know it makes Kim so very happy when I'm "bawdy". If I did type the F word here, you'd all burst out laughing, really, you would. Even typing WTF is hysterical when I do it.

As I type this I can hear Miss CB rummaging through the papers and books in her room, it sounds like the demolishers are in. There may be a bonfire in the backyard tonight.

Also, roast chicken. I actually COOKED A CHICKEN for dinner. Already.

I'm making my family very nervous, and I feel terribly out of sorts.

Off to get my hair sorted. I may be trying something radical.

Yeah. Right.


Tuli said...

Yeah, I giggled at your WTF. It's just not you, ya know?

Cheers to radical new haircuts! I hope you went spiky-short and platinum blonde.

my wv is rhump. I immediately thought of this:
I think you should add this to your workout music.

Suse said...

Does this mean we also get to come back every hour or so and comment?

I'm just back from having my hair cut too! Snap! (Although as you are dark and curly and I am silver and straight, I guess it's not a true snap).


wv is groti. I am feeling hot and grotty. (I'm going to comment on my word verifications each time too, just you watch).

Duyvken said...

Hello live-blogger? Can't wait to see the new 'do', and huge congrats to Miss CB, what a massive day!

Duyvken said...

PS If you make that tomato soup and those polenta muffins they'll be very concerned so just take baby steps in unveiling your many talents.

my wv is boofe

I have nothing to say about that.

Anonymous said...

So, what happened with that posting every hour or so????
Pictures! Haircut!
Did you maybe drink after taking those meds and fall into a nice slumber?
For Pete's sake just go ahead and say those words aloud. you'll feel much better!
I don't curse much but there are times when you seriously need to.

Anonymous said...

Oh, CONGRATS on Miss CB's accomplishment!

eurolush said...

A Hearty Congratulations to Miss CB!! What a banner day!!

I imagine a sweet feeling of relief and relaxation has descended over the CB household. (Of course, this does not apply to YOU, missy, currently high on migraine meds and bouncing off the walls.) I know that feeling oh, too well.

Am enjoying this live blogging! It's always so nice to wake up to new Eleanor posts! THREE NEW POSTS TODAY!! I can already tell it's going to be A GOOD DAY.

My WV: inicali
Sounds like some sort of Italian pasta dish. Mmmmm. Italian pasta. God, I miss Positano!!! (And Paola!!!)

kim at allconsuming said...

Wait. You roast it then freeze it? Dude, that's GROSS.

And Day One huh. No wonder you were so cranky on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Long ago I had a really nasty mouth. Then I got a real job and clean up my act. And then I had children and had to clean it up even further. And now I can barely even type WTF, whereas in the earliest years referenced above my speech was peppered with the F word.

Maybe when I'm 70 I'll revert back to foul mouthed-ness...