Monday, November 2, 2009

November birthday fitness challenge

Eurolush issued the challenge. So I had to do some quick calculations.

4 miles = 6.4 km


Oh look, it's 7am Monday morning and I'm just about to take Master Commentbox to school and then go for my 7.4 km run.

See ya.


Anonymous said...

Giggling ...

Julia said...

And here I was hoping to ignore the pesky "miles" bit and stick to 4 km instead!

Does walking count?

Julia said...

(I ask, because if you run in Prague, people think you've stolen something. Odd, but true. I briskly pace. Then they just think I'm an American.)

eurolush said...

I will bury you. I will run myself into the ground, until all that's left are bloody stubs. I will run so hard both my lungs will simultaneously combust. Then I will run an extra mile on top of that. None of those baby Kilometers of yours. I will crawl on my hands and knees for 100 miles before I let you come close to beating me in the Eurolush Challenge.

Hahahhaha. Nah. Just kidding.

OMG. Just found a huge spider on the sleeve of my robe. Having a complete meltdown. Forget the E-Lush Challenge crap...I'm being assaulted by arachnids here.

PS-WV: fluvibby (your new pet name)