Friday, November 6, 2009


My neighbour: "Hi Eleanor, I saw you power-walking yesterday, down at the beach! I waved but you didn't see me."

Me: "Oh, yes, I've started walking every day...sorry...didn't see you.

Me (inside): "WHAT THE??? POWER-WALKING??? I WAS JOGGING, and I probably didn't see you because of the sweat pouring down my face."

True story.

But you know what? Disco makes everything better.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh ... I can hear Eurolush laugh her little heart out at this post. Why would you even mention it? That's like inviting a vulture to feast on a dead prey, ya know.
But BOY do I like that song. I danced it for you, right here, right now. It did make everything better!

eurolush said...

A VULTURE? WTF? I ain't no vulture.
More like a powerful LIONESS..whose claws shine like justice.

Look, there's a fine line between power-walking and jogging. Let's just agree to disagree with those who feel the need to "classify" our workouts as such. I may call it a "run," you may call it a "hobble." Can't we just meet in the middle somewhere?

Eleanor, as much as I taunt and threaten, I am proud of your beach jogging. You're working hard and deserve praise. Holla back!

It's just too bad we can't meet up at the end of the month for a celebratory beer & pastry.

XX Hungry Lioness

Jeanette said...

Yep! Disco is balm to any wound! Keep up the good work Eleanor! Power walking is a good thing, she could have thought you where just out for a stroll.....

Take care

Anna of Helylle said...

Oh, you fit and clever women. I was lauighing out loud reading this post (was their a sigh of recognition too?). Have to agree with Eurolush, why do people have to bother??
You go! Both of you.

Julia said...

It's all about the elbows isn't it? She just didn't realize.

Is the sand hard or do you sink a bit when you jog, by the way? When I'm lucky (and in South Carolina) we can find sand that has just the right firmness to it, so that the crust breaks under your heel and then the sand molds just a bit around your toes. It's very fun to run on, and makes me feel like I can go forever!