Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to halve your age in 2 hours

I've just returned from the cinema where I watched "New Moon," surrounded by many women of varying ages and a surprising number of men too. I have not read the books, so the Twilight films' plot is wonderfully exciting to me. I was completely and absolutely enchanted and I felt like I was 18 years old again for a very brief moment in time.

I adore the way Bella wears plain jeans and sweatshirts, while the men walk around shirt-less for much of the film. I loved watching Edward's loving, conflicted gaze, his sparkly skin, the shadows under his eyes, his self-control in the face of strongest temptation. How wonderful is Jacob too, with his long black hair which is then cut as he grows into the man/wolf he is meant to be. When I first saw the wolves in the forest (oh the forest, such a divine setting for it all) I giggled like a schoolgirl, loving every minute of this modernised, teenaged version of the very best fairytales ever written. Bella doesn't want to grow up into a grandma, she wants to remain fair and young forever.

I don't understand the terrible reviews which have been written about this film. It's perfect for what it is - a fantastic romance accompanied by violins and shivers of sexual excitement, an innocence hardly ever seen in cinemas any more. Oh, for goodness' sake, we have a heroine who knows who she loves, proves her strength and the power of her conviction, and still has hardly been kissed. Surely there's something gorgeous about that concept?

Of course it's silly, but the best things in life are often silly aren't they? I mean, really, are the stories of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood not silly? They're absolutely ridiculous in the most wonderful, enjoyable, entertaining and subversive way.

Long live Edward and Bella, for if they can't, then what hope do we mere mortals have?


Tuli said...

At some point, I'm going to carry myself to the theater to see the movie. Thanks for the review.

RW said...

I appreciate your thoughts - I am mystified by the reactions this movie is creating. There is something else going on, but I haven't quite figured it out.

It is a story. Make believe. It transports the reader/ viewer.

And you are right - you can't argue with the results and to dismiss the story is really to say thousands of people are making a mistake and have no clue as to what makes a good film.

Anna of Helylle said...

I'm sitting here waiting for Ylva to come home from the cinema so she can tell me all about the film. Next weekend I'm going with Moa, youngest Miss Helylle. So glad you wrote so approvingly - I can't wait to see it.