Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I did this morning

Ran 7.4 km.

Was overtaken while running by a pregnant woman pushing toddler twins in a stroller. She was talking on her mobile phone at the time.

Listened to "Ms New Booty" 3 times.

Listened to "Lipgloss" 3 times.

Drank 3 very strong coffees.

Filed/deleted old emails (all 678 of them).

Did 2 laundries.

Made perfect soft boiled eggs with vegemite soldiers for Miss Commentbox's brekkie.

Did the supermarket shopping.




Suse said...

Ok I'm joining in, except minus the running.

Today I did three loads of laundry (two are still out on the line and thunderstorms are expected, oh dear), spring cleaned the lounge room and rearranged all the furniture, ate 2 min noodles for lunch (!) and had a nap on the couch.


Suse said...

Or at least,


Suse said...

But that's not all.

I also cleaned out one fireplace, weeded a garden bin and FILLED the green bin, cast on for a blue cardigan, knitted some sock, vacuumed the lounge room walls, photographed a parrot, washed the dog's bedding, and mopped the toilet floor.

I feel tired and virtuous.

Suse said...

That should be weeded a garden BED. See how tired I am.



sophanne said...

mmm vegemite

Tuli said...

Busy day! Productive day!

Anonymous said...

The pregnant lady? Was in a hurry because she had to pee. That's the only reason she passed you.

eurolush said...

Things I did this morning: Ran 4 miles AGAIN. (Only my knee kinda hurt a wee bit this time.) HOWEVER, no pregnant ladies pushing toddlers passed ME. Sure, there were no pregnant ladies or toddlers anywhere to be seen...BUT STILL. Had they even tried, there would've been HELL TO PAY.

In addition to my jog: 2 loads of wash, followed by drying & folding. A dog walk. And, worst of all...weighed myself on the scale. Hence, the 4 mile run on a rainy morning.

RW said...

a fitness challenge.
with housework and laundry throw in!
maybe I will join the fun!

BabelBabe said...

good Lord, *I* need a nap. You overachievers.

Anna of Helylle said...

It was in one Aussie blog I first came across Vegemite. It still bothers me that there is such a thing. Thanks so much for letting me know about Ellie's gracious post. She is a fine fine woman.

Anonymous said...

Oh Eurolush. Puhleeeeeaaase.
You and your weight. I outed you on bb's blog already.
You're not fooling anybody.
Especially Eleanor here.
And Eleanor, dear, keep this all pregnant woman surpassing you for yourself. Willa ya please? Try and play the tough joogging, hard ball playing, angry Down Under gal going on.
Chin up.

Frogdancer said...

I think you've galvanised Suse into action!!!

I forget what I was going to say now....

Tj and Mark said...

I have to say Eleanor, that you always seem to bring a smile to my face. Your comment over at journeymama's cracked me up, so I had to come over and get some context. You and your blogger friends are way too industrious for this lazy rancher mama. Peace and blessings to you. I am sure to visit again.

Rae said...

Honestly, the most inspiring thing on your list is the cleaning up of your inbox. THAT is a TRUE FITNESS TASK. Every time I open my inbox I start yawning and then I curl up on my floor in a ball and then I cry.

You win.

blackbird said...

You make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thanks for the laughs!