Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun link

This is what blogging is all about - FUN. It's simply the best fun to visit RW, for example, and discover a new singer who puts a smile on my face. The bit with the dancing grandma, that's so totally Eurolush in about 40 (50?) years, don't you reckon? All right...maybe 60?

Thanks RW, you WIN!!!!

I immediately went to YouTube to see what else Pomplamoose has out there, and look what I found!! Small world, hehehe:

Ran 10 laps of the beach today and thought of each of you the entire way. I pictured all of your commentboxes encouraging me to carry on. Thanks everyone!


RW said...

that is exactly what I hoped would happen.
crazy business this blogging.
10 laps wowee.
I love the grandma too!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I was there on the beach ... Ipod in my ears, dancing, singing and cheering you up!
(it's actually raining and COLD here so the more appealign to me to be next to you!)

fifi said...


note to self: cheer up!

and thanks for the jog. I needed it.

eurolush said...

Hot Damn!! Grandma can dance!!

Wow...that has totally cheered me up.

It's gonna be a good day!

Thanks, E!


kim at allconsuming said...

Isn't she adorable.