Wednesday, November 11, 2009


All right, all right. HERE is proof of cooking. Or would you like me to also hold today's newspaper as proof of day?

Here is the Book Club suitcase before I pack it up and heave it into the Noddy Car and trundle along to the hostess's house.

Please tell me if you see anything you recommend (hopefully you can double click to enlarge the photo). I have read very few of these books. You see, I am an HONEST blogger.


kim at allconsuming said...

WTF? I don't get it, why do you have all those books and why do you take them to book club? Don't you pick a book you're all going to read and then read it and then get together and pretend to discuss it when all you really do is bitch about your partner and eat chocolate?

trasha said...

Steer clear of Jodi Picoult - it is the written equivalent of listening to the Smiths and Joy Division - depressive and a large smudge of Emperor's New Clothes.

Suse said...

Read the Kate Atkinson!

And Trasha's right, trash the Piccoult.

OMG, wv is pyredial.

I have no words.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I believe you! Well done.

I loathe Jodi Picoult book but have read three of them, which gives you an idea of their formulaic addictiveness. They're emotionally wrought and ridiculous courtroom dramas. I also hated The Gathering and found it incredibly depressing. I can't actually recommend anything else as I don't think I've read anything there that I didn't hate. Cheerful, huh?

Anonymous said...

God, I was looking harder to be able to say I had read at least ONE of the books but hey, who am I fooling ... ask Badger! Although if what Kim says it's true, count me in.
Good for you for smacking the proof of your cooking right in that little German Eurolush's sweet face. it's true, angel faces are always dangerous!!!

Tuli said...

I think, that in honor of the Eleanor/Eurolush challenge you should read "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running."

The fish looks yummy. Love your dishes.

eurolush said...

I've not read a single one of those books in your teetering piles, therefore I have nothing to recommend or steer you away from.

How did you amass such a huge collection of UNREAD books? Are you shoplifting them from local shops? Those piles are overwhelming. And daunting.

Have you read any of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series? That's what I'd recommend.

PS-I know this is YOUR blog, but the LEAST your readers could do is complement my fresh rap lyrics. They're just jealous.

librarygirl said...

I agree with the others about Piccoult. Only read one and loathed it. Life in Seven Mistakes is good, very Aussie. Really good Christmas/summer read. Wanted to slap half the characters. Also - The Slap - highly discussable. Inspired a very emotional/heated/exciting discussion here at a cup day lunch.

RW said...

that is whole lotta posting

I am with Kim, I don't really get the book club.

good job on the chicken.

Anonymous said...

I have read a couple Jodi Picault books; she's okay, but I know what the other commenters are talking about.

Tanna French is AWESOME! I have read two of her books, and the they haunted me for days. (I feel so justified? confirmed? -- can't think of the word -- that you, too, read suspense and mystery books.)

The Glass Castle is also excellent. Richard North Patterson kinda sucks; there are better writers in the genre.

I must seek out Jesse Kellerman, having read pretty much everything his father and mother have written.