Friday, November 27, 2009

So random

Such a lovely evening, not lovely for any particular reason, or maybe so. The hot day has become a warm evening, feels like holiday weather. There's a feeling of winding now, Christmas parties, finalising of projects, endings rather than beginnings. Master CB's friend from across the road has arrived to sleep over, apparently his sister has a friend staying with her and they won't let him use the bathroom because they're waxing each other's legs. He walked into our house with that confident, joyful strut he has, went straight to the fridge to pour himself a glass of juice (I buy it with him in mind, it's his favourite) and then told us about his sister. I remember when he was 3 years old. I remember changing his sister's nappy (his mum and I had a little babycare co-op going for a while, just the 2 of us).

They've all gone up to the local DVD rental place up the road and they promised to bring me a Magnum, hopefully they'll have the one with almonds. I'm sitting here thinking that I might eat it in the bath, if I have the energy to run a bath. It was a long day at the library today, I think scriptwriting is like patchworking, once I write down the basic "look" I start cutting things up and moving them around. I'm not a patchworker, so it's been a long day. I've been drinking a lot of water lately, I think I've been dehydrated and that's why I've been lethargic and headachy, or maybe it's just life.

Had such a wonderful dinner with a group of Sydney bloggers on Wednesday night. I'm too lazy to link, sorry, I know I'm terrible, but I only have energy to type, not click. It was Kim, Duyvken, Mary, Fe, Fifilastupenda and Easternmax. I looked at these women and they glowed with such beauty, and I felt such a calm, warm feeling - these women whose words I read and whose art and craft I admire, live, around a table, laughing and laughing and laughing. Bloggers are my safe place to fall. Kim is at Sewjourn this weekend, I'm so excited and happy for her that I can't contain myself, yipeeeeeeeee!!!!

Tomorrow Mr. CB and I are planning a movie-going marathon, we'll try to see as many new films as we can in one day. I'm telling you, having older children is the BEST!!! They are, however, taking a very long time returning home with my ice-cream. Oh, wait, I hear footsteps outside....I do believe the ice-cream deliverers are here!!

I was going to write a post about Christmas, but I forgot. Just remembered now. Oh look!! Almond Magnum has landed, so I'll quickly finish off. Where was I? Oh yes, Christmas. Thought I'd give you a few titbits about what it's like growing up in an Orthodox Jewish school. We weren't allowed to write "Christmas," we wrote "Xmas" because Christ means "the Lord" and we don't believe Jesus is The Lord. Also we always wrote BCE and CE instead of BC and AD for the same reason. I don't remember ever feeling left out of the presents and celebrations, but then again, my parents spoilt me terribly! Really, and they continue to spoil me to this day. And the last Christmas trivia of the day: I absolutely love reading all of the Christmas posts from all over the world. Love them.

Off to run my bath, eat my ice-cream and plan movie-marathon-day xxxxx


Mary said...

Loved loved and loved some more this beautiful random post of yours..

Duyvken said...

What a beautiful post!
Mr Duyvken's best friend when he was a child and a teenager was his Jewish neighbour and that always celebrated Christmas - the tree, the lights, the fruit cake, the turkey. Clearly, they weren't orthodox!
I look forward to reading your Christmas/end of year celebration post when you have the energy to type it up :-)

Frogdancer said...

That reminded me of the blog meet when I came up to Sydney. What a lovely night that was! Thank you so much for driving me across the bridge to get us there. I remember looking up and thinking, 'I was on the top of this thing only yesterday.'
I enjoyed reading this post.

RW said...

I am keen to hear the movies you picked for your marathon.

For me, it is the opposite - I am an orthodox christian and I very much interested in all things Jewish.

I love the writer Chaim Potok and I have read every novel many times.

I have to say I am more than a bit envious that you have had actual face to face meetings with other bloggers.... but am also thrilled fo you. I take delight in your delight.

alice c said...

Sometimes when you have been reading a blog for long time a post arrives that captures the essence of that blog. Someone who was visiting for the first time would not appreciate all the references or understand the happiness of the moment. This was such a post and I loved it and was glad for being able to share that peaceful family evening with you.

Julia said...

I've always wondered what it was like to be in Australia during the holidays. It's rather cool to be able to read about them through you this year!

Also, I love Almond Magnums. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This was so soothing.

Anna of Helylle said...

So warm and quietly content from reading this post.
I feel that however different, our last posts share that joy of being in a coherent passage of life. However short it may last, that moment of buying juice for the neighbour's kid or making a pyramid of your family, is a profound celebration of life.
And after all, what ever we call our prophets and however we celebrate them, isn't that what religion is about??

Got a bit carried away here.

Happy Chanukka when the time comes!

herhimnbryn said...

So random, so good.

eurolush said...

Hello, Eleanor! Back from our short Swiss vacation and happy to find your post waiting here for me. Sounds like a fun night with your blogging buddies. Glad to have the chance to hear about it.

Thought of you this week while in Zurich. Two Aussies approached me in the train station and gave me all their leftover Swiss francs...just some change...but still! You Aussies are generous!!

Hmmmm...Though now that I think about it...I doubt you would've shared that almond Magnum. That's okay. I prefer the dark chocolate Magnums anyway.

Suse said...

Now I understand why, when I do one of my all-too-frequent random posts, everyone says "I loved that post!"

I felt like I was sitting with you chatting about your day.

ps. back from Sewjourn, Kim is so awesome, although surprisingly not six foot tall as I had expected.