Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Cake Challenge

No, it's not my wedding anniversary, the occasion is this. While the Commentbox family slept in I jogged down to the beach and tried to capture some of the excitement of the morning. There wasn't a huge crowd, mostly young families and friends cheering each other on. As you can see, it was quite hazy, and the water did seem greyish but believe me when I tell you that it was hot as an oven. It's in these hazy conditions that tourists forget to apply sunscreen, thinking that the sun isn't as strong. Big mistake. Huge.

So you see, I braved the hot dust for you, my dear blogging buddies. I just knew that you'd love to share this morning with me.

I stood near the finish line and managed, by sheer luck, to capture these two friends as they greeted each other at the finish line. The pure joy on this woman's face actually brought tears to my eyes, it was just so honest and fresh and full of life.

P.S. Saw Time Traveller's Wife and Invention of Lying yesterday. Rushing off to see A Serious Man now. More detail to come!


Anonymous said...

Am having a difficult time imagining being warm enough to jump in water. Chilly here.

fifi said...

oh eleanor! i usually go in this, but was late getting back from Canberra. Your post was next to the official report in Google reader! you can read the blog report here :

I am not sure which will be my first race of the season...

PS Lovely to see you x

blackbird said...

I love their expressions!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what Bb said. That woman's smile is priceless.
Thank you for taking time and brave the heat to share this with us.

WF carma

eurolush said...

I want to live on Wedding Cake Island.

Looks like a fun morning!

herhimnbryn said...

What joy!

Maria said...

Oh, now I see that you really live at the other side of the world!
Here we just can take a bath in the snow =)