Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The way I are

I'm very tempted this evening to lie about my running. I would like to tell you that I ran at least another 6/7 km. I'd even like to tell you I ran 4 km. But I do not tell lies in my blog. I ran 3 km and almost passed out, and it's all because I made the mistake of listening to this. You see, I really got into the beat and started speeding up instead of pacing myself. With all the excitement of the music I forgot that life is a marathon, and not a sprint.

So I hit the wall pretty quick.

Blue, on the other hand, whined miserably in the car all the way home. He had barely warmed up.

One thing is certain, Blue now associates my Shuffle with running so I have to hide it and be very careful if I ever want to listen to music without having

Now, down to business:

  • Today I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.
  • I made a peanut butter sandwich for Master Commentbox and put some crackers in a little bag for him. This is his school lunch. Judge me at your own peril.
  • I talked to the nanny next door about one of her past babies who is now all grown-up and pregnant.
  • I filled petrol in my car.
  • I went to work and the library. At the library I told 2 of the librarians who had each put aside a book for me that they were officially my "library mothers" and that made them laugh.
  • I took Master Commentbox to an interview at a different school ('s a secret) because we might be switching next year to a smaller, more "homey" school environment.
  • I decided that when Master CB returns from his tennis training I will give him cash to walk up to the corner Thai take-away place to buy us dinner.
  • Seeing as Mr. CB is away on business I like to live on the edge a little bit and not pretend to cook and then claim to be too tired and THEN pretend that the family is TALKING ME INTO getting take-out.

In conclusion:

It has come to my attention that several of my November birthday fitness challenge competitors mention "doing the laundry" and then add "plus drying, folding and putting away said laundry." This comes as a huge relief to me because I now realise that I may NOT be the only person who might possibly have family members who are not aware that "doing the laundry" BY DEFINITION includes the drying, folding and putting away of said laundry.

I would like to say a HUGE thanks to the "anonymous" who left such a lovely comment for me earlier today. I have a soft spot for all anonymice because that's how I started off in blogland.

Which reminds me...Laura...are you still out there? I miss you, and I still have the photo of Ellie's castle on my screensaver.


Anonymous said...

I fainted at THAI.
GOD how I miss Asian food. When I die I want to go to Asian afterworld, or whatever they have where I can enjoy their glorious, mouthwatering, delicious, sweet and sour, amazing FOOD.
(it's 8:47AM and I am on my to gym, thinking of THAI food. NOT GOOD!)

eurolush said...

If it makes you feel any better, I did no form of exercise at all today.

It's very rainy and windy this morning.

Can't be expected to go out in those sorts of conditions now, can I? Right? Are you with me? Are we on the same page? Good.

PS-Don't even get me started on family members and laundry. My head will explode.

PPS-It's not how FAR you jog...but the fact that you're out there in the first place. 90% of the effort is getting motivated, 10% is actually jogging. (At least in my experience.)

Mary said...





No, I can't!

Suse said...

I can run about 14 paces but then I collapse in a heap.

However, today I went to work all day, came home, ate dinner, did one load of laundy (and hung it out on the line) and then


fifi said...

I cant run either. My legs were put on the wrong way.

RW said...

oh. man.
so funny.

the laundry - and family - I keep threatening to have a lesson on just what actually is required.

Timbaland - so good.

peanut butter sandwich and crackers sound perfectly reasonable to me.

alice c said...

I feel that I only have to turn up and read your blog post and I have burned enough calories for a bar of chocolate. If I read the comments as well I have earned enough for a lie down.

Duyvken said...

Today I cut J's hair, vacuumed the car (hate that job), paid some bills and had some nice long chats with my mum. I also ate too many stroop waffles, wasted time online and avoided the laundry until the kids went to bed. I guess now that they are all tucked in I can no longer pretend that it's lying in wait in the laundry room. *sigh*