Friday, October 30, 2009


It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, bright blue sky, strong sun, and I'm here in the library. This library has an entire wall of huge north-facing windows, it's astonishing how much of a difference sunshine can make to one's mood.

I have just waved goodbye to my lovely librarian friend, he must have been given the afternoon off as he usually leaves at 6. Earlier this afternoon he joined me with his cup of tea during his break and we chatted quite loudly in the "Quiet Study Area." That's about as naughty as I ever get.

Something remarkable has just occurred. A young woman walked into the library, and I know her, well...I don't really know know her...but there's a story.

This young woman walks down the street where I live every so often, and every so often I notice her and admire her from afar. She must be in her early twenties, pale pale skin, dark red long and straight hair, and perfect posture. She wears wonderfully inventive clothes, items that look like they might have been found in an op-shop and each one with a perfect quirky twist. In the height of summer I have seen her holding a small parasol. She lost her tortoiseshell cat a year or two ago and she asked me if I'd seen her. I told her that I love her style (doing that, as we all know, is called "blackbirding") and she thanked me. The way she spoke matched the way she looked, quiet, fascinating, confident, peaceful.

The woman sitting at the desk near me is sharing the one electrical outlet with me. Every hour or so we swap our laptop plugs's like we are plugging into the Muse...taking turns listening to her whispers. When I said that to the woman she looked at me strangely. Oh well. I know that you understand.


blackbird said...

Oh, how I understand.

eurolush said...

Your library sounds really nice--all sunshine-y and filled with interesting people. Mine is a tiny, dark hole in the wall with limited book selection and bad parking.

And the librarians won't be my friends OR drink their tea with me.


RW said...

Do you always go out to write?

My little library is well, little. I order my books and go in to pick them up. Rarely do I stay longer than 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

A library can be a wonderful place. It makes me happy to know you have a good one. (I am a big fan of libraries.)

Julia said...

Our local librarians suffer a terrible malady we call the sssss flu. Its primary symptoms include the overwhelming urge to hold a finger to your lips and hiss sssss (why not shhh I wonder?). Also, you might be inclined to wag said finger and say "tee tee tee" many times.

Your library, and librarians, sound lovely. And I love your sharing the muse story!

Duyvken said...

We understand.
And sunshine is good for the soul, isn't it? I never underestimate it. We had 4 of the big trees from our front yard removed yeseterday (can you believe there are still 24 huge trees in our garden?) and the difference is wonderful. The front room has always been dark but it has brightened up significantly. I feel so much better!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to meet this lovely young lady. I am very attracted by (natural) red hair. They are the BEST (sorry for us all!).