Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A promise is a promise

I promised Eurolush that I'd post more often. Actually, I promised her that I'd post every day for 7 days and dedicate each post to her. I don't know what I was thinking...the pressure....the expectation....the anxiety...

What might Lushy like to read about today I wonder?

Lushy likes to read a lot actually. I can't keep up with her reading list, she's a bookworm, a very cute darling bookworm who curls up by her fire with Tex and reads while the autumn winds howl outside her cozy German house in the gorgeous village of Fraumuller.

So I shall talk about a book I have just finished reading. I belong to a book club (gasp, I know) and we chose this book this month and I got to take it home because the meeting was at my place and that means I got to choose first.

You're wondering what sort of strange book club I belong to? It's an anti-book-club really. We don't all read the same book, and often we don't read at all. During the last few months I lost my reading mojo and was still given a standing ovation by the group because I read "Who" and "New Idea."

Each month one of us gets a dozen books from the local store on spec and we vote on them and then we buy one or two new books to add to the suitcase library, and we return the rest. Sometimes we have lengthy discussions and arguments, for example I HATED "Eat, Pray, Love" while 2 of my friends ADORED it. I had to leave the room and stick my head in the freezer that evening, it got so ugly. Other times, we might be tired and just say "I liked it," or "Beautifully written," or "Great for the beach." But mostly we just gossip, and that's why I never ever leave book club first, 'cause then they all gossip about ME!

The book is "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger, and guess what???!!! It's about twins!! Yep, a perfect book for Lushy. Niffenegger wrote "The Time Traveler's Wife" which I never read, can you believe I never read it? We rejected it at book club, probably because we were too busy gossiping and eating, I think we might have been at M's place that month and she's a gourmet cook. Anyway...back to the book. Ugliest cover in history of book covers, two anorexic blond girls dressed in white mini-skirts, berets and high white boots. But I like the picture of the author on the back, she looks like she should be a blogger (which is the highest compliment I can give anyone really).

But the story, the actual story, that's what Lushy will probably want to know about. Let me put it this way:

Things I loved about the book:

It made me believe in ghosts, or at least seriously wonder if my grandpa is watching me.

The American twins' aunt leaves them her London apartment in her will. It's an old, fabulous apartment filled with beautiful furniture and first-edition classic novels.

The descriptions of London remind me of Alice's style of writing and felt almost as comforting.

One of the characters has obsessive-compulsive disorder and I adore him and feel for him along with his friends.

Much of the action takes place in and near Highgate Cemetery which I never visited while in London. Why? Why did I not know of its existence?

There's a small white cat called "The Little Kitten of Death."

There's a picnic scene at "Postman's Park." WHY did I not know about this park when I was in London years ago?? Sob...

I could hardly bear to read the ending because I didn't want to finish the book, the suspense was so enjoyable.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's all about being TWINS, you know - like me and Lushy! Although we're not identical, Lushy is much cuter than me, I know, don't rub it in. All RIGHT, she's also much wittier than me. OK ALREADY, I KNOW that she's the beautiful and clever twin. I'm not at all bitter about that, because I love her. Like a sister.

See you tomorrow!

E xxxxxxxx


saffronlie said...

Oooh, I'm intrigued. I liked The Time-Traveller's Wife and LOVE reading about twins. Perhaps this will be the book that will break my own reading funk. And I remember Postman's Park as a setting in the film Closer, but didn't go there when I was in London, either.

Tuli said...

I've not read The Time-Traveller's Wife, either, and doubt I will. I might try this one, though.

I read a review that said Niffenegger isn't afraid to throw her characters under a bus. So this begs the question, aside from the aunt, who dies?

kmkat said...

Based on your review, I requested the book from the library even before I finished reading your post. Listened to The Time Traveler's Wife a few years ago and liked it, so I look forward to this one. Thanks! (Oh, and you and Lushie are IDENTICAL twins, so you are BOTH extremely cute and talented and witty. So there.)

Suse said...

The Time Traveller's Wife was wonderful and I didn't want it to end.

Eat, Pray, Love was the BIGGEST LOAD OF CRAP I'VE EVER READ. It was all whine whine whine, me me me, and boy am I ever going to make a heap of money with this.

I've got the symmetry book in my holds queue at the library but I think I'm about 45th on the list.

Suse said...
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Frogdancer said...

I'm so relieved you like it. I bought this book and it's next on my list to read. The Time Traveller's Wife is my favourite book ever, so I'm really looking forward to this one, (while trying not to build it up too much in my mind.)

Duyvken said...

Hi E! I also hated Eat Pray Love, how wonderful to know that I am not alonle. The whole book just seemed to self-indulgent I couldn't stand it.
Can't wait to read a whole week from you!

Suse said...

Glad to see other people hated Eat Pray Love too Duvyken!

Had to come back to say I've just seen on Blackbird's blog that you are visiting her and I am positively SICK WITH ENVY. So of course I had to come and tell you that. You know how it is.

I am wondering if I dyed my hair black I could pose as one of your family members and you wouldn't notice in the hubbub at the airport. I don't take up much room.

Oh my god you can visit Babelbabe too. Now I'm twice as sick.

RW said...

oh I too was severely disappointed in eat pray love

I am interested in this new book of Niffenegger's - as the mother of twins - these relationships fascinate me.

I look forward to a full week of postings.

eurolush said...

Argh! So sorry I missed you afore-promised blog post! Dedicated to me! (Ich bin zo heppy!)

Yesterday was a wash...doctors appointments, errands, more doctors appointments. It shouldn't be legal to have so much fun in one day. So there's my excuse.

As for your book club: love it. Love everything about how laid-back it is...read! don't read! we don't care! let's talk about whoever's not here! I want to join...right now.

Your book review sounds intriguing, too...twins...ghosts...London! I may have to add it to my reading list. (Though I must add that I started and could not finish Time Traveler's Wife.)Maybe this would be more my style.

And now, down to business. What's this about you going to visit Tuvalu at the end of the year I'm hearing about?

Two worlds colliding!

How fun!

BabelBabe said...

wait, Eleanor, you're coming to the States???? When? I will be there! I can drive to Tuvalu in about 5 hours.

I liked Eat Pray Love, but at the same time realize what a load of crap it was. and I hate the author's other books, I just don't think she's that good a writer...

also, LOVED TTTW. Go read it. it's lovely.

BabelBabe said...

also, the US cover of Fearful Symmetry is much nicer.

BabelBabe said...

p.s. pls bring Suse. she's small and she won't take up much room in your case. pretty please?