Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just show up

Callie Khouri (writer of the screenplay "Thelma and Louise") was asked in an interview here what was her one piece of advice to give beginning scriptwriters. She said "Just show up for the Muse."

I think that's good advice for bloggers as well, because sometimes you just don't really feel like posting anything...and have a nagging suspicion that you really should. Maybe you DO have something to say, but you just won't know it until you're sitting down in front of that blank "new post" page?

It's also good advice for anybody undertaking a new exercise routine, especially me. I've been meaning to start training for the upcoming Eurolush Challenge and yet here I sit, refusing to show up for the Muse. Meanwhile, I have a nagging suspicion that Ms. Muse has flitted off to a little village in Germany where she's trying on some popping lipglosses and snacking on some fine baked goods.

Generally, showing up for my Muse means getting out of the house. You'd think I would have learned that by now, yet I still thought that I'd be able to order a house-call today and not have to brush my hair or put on shoes. Bad bad idea Eleanor. Tomorrow, I'm hauling my ass back onto the jogging track and then straight into that library.


RW said...

showing up for the muse.
elizabeth gilbert actually gives a great TED TALK about this subject.

(I liked what she had to say in the talk - was not a great fan of her book Eat, Pray, Love)

we just have to do our part every day.

there is a great book "the war on art" by steven pressfield and he talks about this too; facing resistance straight on.

Anonymous said...

You never know. The Muse might have brought you some baked goods from Germany...

eurolush said...

Yes, to the track...with your iPod and all your NEW MUSIC!!!


I am a total sloth and complete LARD ASS at the moment. That be the troof.

Julia said...

It's great advice Eleanor, I need to take it too!