Thursday, October 29, 2009

Muse invited to tea

We invited her over
For afternoon tea,
The invitation was signed by
R, A, E, J, K and me.

We wrote:
"Please darling sister
Do walk through the door,
Please sit at the table
And tell us some more.

For last time you did visit
You told quite a tale
About women and men
And some artwork for sale.

Your tale had arrivals
From faraway lands,
And a quite dizzy spell
And two strongly held hands.

Your tale had a castle
Which pierced the blue sky
With that most joyful laughter
Of earthlings trying to fly.

Now invited once more
To our small kitchen table,
Please sip tea and begin
For us a happy new fable."

She answered:
"Please my sweet darlings,
Neither wonder nor fret,
For united you make
A quite wondrous sextet.

Share your woes with each other,
Tell each other your rhymes,
And I promise you'll greet
Many more fruitful times.

You may think that you need me
But truth is -I need you
For your tea does me good
On the days I feel blue."


Anonymous said...


eurolush said...

Your poems always make me smile. It's a gift you have.

alice c said...

I love this poem so much and I find that the more I read it the more it speaks to me. Thank you.

Anna of Helylle said...

How I love to pretend that I'm A.