Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day two of the Eurolush challenge

Today I will talk about my latest purchase, a lovely skirt from Yoshi Jones. A lovely skirt which was 50% off, which really makes me smile. See...there I am, smiling, and posing a-la-Anna in my daughter's room. Miss Commentbox was NOT happy when she realised I had photographed her room. Oh well, she has the best mirror in the house.

Here is the fabric up close, isn't it just wonderful?

I'm writing this post in a terrible rush because Mr. Commentbox would like to go for an evening walk with me. When I said to him "I'll just write this post first," he became somewhat agitated. That might be because, in the past, I have been known to "just write this post first" for great lengths of time, finding myself browsing, reading, emailing and generally neglecting Mr. Commentbox.

So I'm off now.

What do you think of that my sweet Lushy?!! I'm posting 2 days in a row!!! Woohoooo!!!


fifi said...

Oh, I love Yoshi Jones!
Did you have a nice time in newtown? what fun!!

fifi said...

oh and yes, you look stunning in that skirt.
In such a tidy room, too.

eurolush said...

Elegant Eleanor in her orange origami! You are beyond adorable. I long to pinch you. And pull your dark, curly hair.

I commend your quick, decisive action in posting AND taking evening walk with Mr. Commentbox.

Well done, E. You have my Lushy stamp of approval.

Anonymous said...

That is a fab skirt and it looks great on you!

Tuli said...

Origami bird fabric! Brilliant!

blackbird said...

I love your skirt and shoes too!

RW said...

half price is a good deal!

I am thinking I might need to do some origami soon.

enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

You look like you belong to that room, ergo 16!

Stomper Girl said...

Fabulous skirt, you look tres chic.

Maria said...

Hello Eleanor!
A skirt with origami birds. I like it!

Anna of Helylle said...

Hellooo Eleanor. I've missed you too. I'm so proud to see that picture of you in front of the mirror - well done! And you look super stylish too!
Such a lovely coincidence with the origami fabric, I'm living in orogami country right now. Siri is doing a big school project about origami...
The greatest hug and lots of kisses.