Saturday, October 17, 2009

Neighbourhood stalking

A few months ago I was standing in line at my local video-rental store, and who should be standing in front of me with her two young children? Sacha Horler - one of my favourite Aussie actresses.

I saw her again a few days later at the local pharmacy, she was rushing to get to the airport and the pharmacist said to her "There you go Sacha darling, have a great flight."

Yesterday evening I saw her husband with the two kids at the video store, then he crossed the road to the liquor shop. It wasn't like I followed him on purpose, I just happened to see him as I was going about my own chores. Honestly.

It gave me an enormous thrill to realise that his wife was probably AT THAT VERY MOMENT in her dressing room at the Sydney Theatre Company, preparing for the evening performance of "God of Carnage" while he was busy renting a Pixar DVD and buying a bottle of red to help him get through the weekend.

I think today she had two performances. An enormous thrill.


Anonymous said...

I don't know her but she sounds amazing, as her husband.

Tuli said...

Have you seen Gods of Carnage? It looks great.

Anonymous said...

It finally occurs to me to ask a, what is the thing in your banner, and 2, how did you make the image?

You and Lushie should challenge each other to a 365-day challenge just to keep me entertained -- I am loving being able to read BOTH OF YOU! EVERY DAY!

eurolush said...

How wonderful to be able to stalk celebrities in your own neighborhood!

Of course, I'm too busy stalking adorable elderly German gentlemen with canes to take too much notice of the local celebrities. And, yes, there are MANY, MANY celebrities in this little village of 2,000, in case you were wondering.

Most of them are bovine, though.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!

Duyvken said...

Sacha Horler is in my favourite aussie film, My Mother Frank. Have you seem that one? Well worth a look, the colours in it are wonderful.

Suse said...

Did you see her in My Year Without Sex? In which she has the brain tumour?

She, and the film, were brilliant.