Monday, October 26, 2009


I thought this photo might amuse you. Blue and I had a walk in the rain on Sunday:

Some other things I did on the weekend:

Watched the first "Saw" movie on DVD and learned that it was written by a couple of Aussies.
Watched "The Final Destination: Death Trip" in 3D at my local cinema. I can safely say that I am not the target audience for this film.
Watched "An Education" and thought to myself that my blogging friends would LOVE this film. A great film and I highly recommend it!
Had an Indian dinner here.

Not a bad weekend at all really, although somewhat confusing.


Duyvken said...

Great photo E! We looked similar but we were on our bikes pedalling as fast as we could through Centennial Park to get back to our car :-)

eurolush said...

Are you sure it was a walk in the rain...and not a jog in the rain? Are you trying to throw me off your trail?

I KNOW you are in training, Ms. E, getting ready for the E-Lush Challenge 2009...50 miles in 30 days. Or should it be 100 miles in 25 days? Hmmm.

sooz said...

When I was doing my time at uni, I did a whole semester class on horror film. What an education that was. And since I came to the class with no viewing background, myself and 3 other horror virgins had a regular weekly video night where we watched 3 movies while we had our dinner. I think I am reasonably horror proof after that! I enjoyed the subject immensely, taught by a great lady (
but the films were often pretty crap. Although I will always have a special place in my heart for Alien, the Shinning, Rosemary's baby, Terminator, Jaws...

trashalou said...

Eeeeuw! Horror films by choice. I confess to being a 'fluffy bunnies lolloping in the woods' kind of movie watcher. Except the only, real'fluffy bunnies lolloping in the woods' movie I can ever actually think of is Watership Down and that had a duff ending.

Do you think I might be emotionally scarred by having had it as a set text for Yr. Nine English? Do you think the scarring may be exacerbated by basing an entire term's worth of work on the blurb of the book and the Art Garfunkel song???

Mary said...

Can't do horror. Just can't.

And roared laughing at your laconic "although somewhat confusing"

Anonymous said...

I really love this photo, you look amazing and happy and fresh.
Horror movies: NO WAY.

Julia said...

Love the photo!

RE The Children's Story and AS Byatt - I usually enjoy everything she writes, as long as the story doesn't get too twisted into psychology (I skipped parts of Babel Tower for that reason).

I liked this one too but did find it incredibly dense and thickety. It also left me feeling the same way I felt when I procrastinated and had to read War and Peace in three days for a Russian lit exam back in college (that is to say, slightly shell shocked and definitely blurry eyed). And the end felt hasty and unedited.

Perhaps skip ahead a bit and see if it gets more interesting?