Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 3 of the Eurolush Challenge

First, a quick question:
If I was an American character and I didn't know how to swim, and an Aussie friend of mind voiced her surprise at that fact, what American city/state would be the best to fill the gap in my explanatory response:
"I grew up in __________."

Did that make sense at all?

Moving right along.

Today is day 3 in the Eurolush challenge. Thanks to you all for your encouraging comments!

Today I opened the newspaper and saw that my little post about tv and mothering was in the "Heckler" column - that's the far left column of the back page which invites readers to write a "heckle." I had sent it in on a lark and there it was, with my name on the bottom.

Holy cow!! I almost passed out!!

Here is a link to it, also I got some comments. Who knew that people comment on the Heckler?! I actually didn't want to read the comments at first because I could immediately imagine some of the responses. It can get nasty out there in the big wide world, so this is a good exercise in thickening up my skin. Also a good exercise in jumping up and down and dancing and singing at the top of my lungs at the fabulous experience of seeing my words in a newspaper and getting some lovely comments.

The best part of my day? When I was sitting in the library and one of the librarians quietly came up to me and said "I enjoyed reading your article dear." She remembered my name from my library card. I tell you, that's the best library in the whole world.

Oh, just remembered something I wanted to tell you. One of my other local libraries has just started a new system for the borrowing of the latest fiction books. They buy 10 or so copies of 3 or 4 brand-new titles every month or so and put them on a separate set of shelves, you can borrow each for one week only, no reservations, no renewals. There were 4 copies of "Her Fearful Symmetry" just sitting there yesterday. Isn't that a clever idea?

That's about it for tonight. Baked salmon with rice and green salad for dinner, I shopped! I cooked! I'm still in a good mood! It's a miracle!!


Duyvken said...

I read it proudly, my dear!
It added a spring to me day.

Suse said...

Eleanor the Published Writer!

Also, I believe Iowa would suffice.

Badger said...

Nebraska. Your character grew up in Nebraska. And now I'm off to read your article!

Tuli said...

Your character grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

Congrats on getting your article published in the paper! SO exciting.

Anonymous said...

Your character grew up in Iowa/North Dakota/South Dakota/Nebraska/ Wyoming. Alternatively, your character grew up in Maine or the state of Washington, both of which are northern coastal states. As a Midwesterner I think we who grew up where there is little water are attracted to it, so our municipalities put in swimming pools and reservoirs and offer free swimming lessons. Like sailors of old, perhaps those who live near a cold ocean don't feel that same urge to immerse themselves in water.

Congrats on being published! I can see you dancing around the room, squealing and cheering for yourself -- I would do the same. You rock!

blackbird said...


(You grew up in Ohio.)

eurolush said...

Published writer! Dinner prepared! Blog post written!


eurolush said...

LOVED the article!

More! More!

fifi said...


and Hurrah for you!

Anna of Helylle said...

Right on, as always. I was thrilled to read the comments to your article.
I'm also thrilled to surprise you...

Julia said...

Great heckle! So well stated.

You grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, before the WPA built the lakes! (I know, I'm missing a city, but it is interesting how many places in the US you can grow up in without learning how to swim.)

Anonymous said...

You rocked that article!



BabelBabe said...

the second comment killed me though. "Harrowing"? REALLY. Get a grip, person-who-wrote-that. I loved your letter, and here I confess to you that I adore the Wiggles. I have a crush on Greg. (I KNOW. I got over Anthony after he had his teeth done...and now it's Greg, who isn't even a Wiggle anymore!)

re: your library, we have that too, and it's genius.