Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Party on Miss Commentbox!

My last semester of University was Miss Commentbox’s first trimester in my womb. I had a Shakespeare lecture at 9am twice a week, and the friend I sat next to asked me why I suddenly started nibbling on crackers during the lecture. I didn’t want to tell anyone about Miss Commentbox, she was our wonderful little secret at that point, so I didn’t tell my friend that it was because of morning sickness. I’ve kept my Shakespeare notes from that semester because I doodled Miss Commentbox’s name on the margins, there were a few other names as well of course....but her name was the one I doodled the most.

My graduation ceremony was held outside on a very bright and sunny day. It was very hot sitting there in my black gown. I was looking straight ahead and concentrating on the speeches when the girl sitting to my left nudged me and passed me a small can of apple juice, saying “Pass this to Eleanor.” My mother had crawled up to my row and asked the person sitting on the aisle to pass the juice to Eleanor. The girl to my left watched me drink the juice, nodding understandingly and whispering “Diabetic?” I just nodded.

For Miss Commentbox’s last trimester we moved to a new apartment where I spent a lot of time curled up in an armchair, reading about pregnancy and parenthood. Looking back, I’m amazed that I actually thought I could study for motherhood. I clearly remember telling a friend that I couldn’t understand why parents complain about sleepless nights, I had pulled many an all-nighter studying for exams, it would a pleasure to stay up all night with a BABY for goodness’ sake.

O the innocence.

Miss Commentbox was born exactly on her due date, very clever of her. Would you believe me if I told you that she was born with LONG hair? Well, she was. I woke up in the hospital a few hours after her birth, couldn’t see her anywhere, so I heaved my sore little self out of bed and down the corridor to the nursery where she was having a check-up and HER HAIR DONE. The nurses all gathered around me eager to tell me how much fun they had styling her hair. They had brushed her long, dark locks up onto the centre of her head where the curls sat at attention as if they had been gelled.

Today is Miss Commentbox's 18th birthday. EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD. Dear friends, I need to share this day with you. I need to tell you that I still cannot get over the fact that the tiny baby we dreamed of is now a walking, talking real-life young woman. Dreams do come true. So party on Miss Commentbox. Party on!!!!!


eurolush said...

Happy, Happy, Happiest of Happy Birthdays to Miss Commentbox!!!! How exciting to be 18!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

YOU ARE A WOMAN NOW. (Said in a very serious, deep voice.)

We, the Eurolushes, wish for you on your special day: lots of sweets, giant pieces of birthday cake and presents galore. Don't forget to make a wish before you blow out your candles!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! Happy Birthday, Miss CB!!!

Duyvken said...

Happy birthday Miss CB. We've been thinking of you this week as the HSC started. I hope the english exam today was well behaved for your birthday!

fifi said...

Happy Birthday, dear girl,
and how happy you must be to have such wonderful mother!

My baby daughter was the opposite: white straight peach fuzz and a little peak in the centre of her forehead, like a little bee, we thought.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Comment Box!!!

Suse said...

Happy birthday Ms CB, from all of us here in the House of Soup.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Commentbox and congratulations to her parents for getting her this far!

trasha said...

Happy Birthday Miss Comentbox. Princess Curly-Wurly had a similar beginning. When we gathered for graduation I was past my due date and had great delight in telling one snotty lecturer trying to stop me leaving the hall that "I am nearly 10 months pregnant and need a wee. Move or take the consequences."

Badger said...

Oh! The happiest of birthdays to your darling girl! I hope she has (had?) a wonderful day!

Tuli said...

Miss Commentbox! Happy 18th Birthday you darling, darling young woman.

Party on!

RW said...

Oh Eleanor - I can't imagine what it feels like. My own daughter is nearing 15 and it astonishes me.

Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Julia said...

Many best wishes and all the bests and happy birthday most of all!!

(And of course lots of chocolate cake, yum)

Anonymous said...

First, OMG you have an 18 year old daughter?
I am sure SHE can help you just fine wiht your playlist.


A very happy belated birthday, dear Miss Commentbox. 18 is a great, wonderful time of your life


Frogdancer said...

My oldest will be 18 in January.

It's amazing, isn't it? That time just whips by so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Commentbox!

18 is just the beginning of a fabulous adventure.


B. (Eurolush's sister)

Anna of Helylle said...

Grattis på födelsedagen, fröken Commentbox!!! Which of course means happy birthday, Miss Commentbox! All the girls here ( there're 4 of us, 50% over 18)wísh you a perfect day with lots of love and laughter. The post your mother wrote tells me that you're a special young woman.

Mary said...

Late - oh my goodness - for such an important date!!

Dearest niece - I am sure that having your eighteenth birthday in the middle of exams may not have been so great but join with your mother in ordering you to PARTY ON when it is all over ...

Happy Birthday darling girl - and may your journey through adulthood be a blessed one..

Anonymous said...

Celebrate yourself and your existance, Ms. Cb! Clearly, you are all the awesome!

alice c said...

I hope that you had a wonderful day and that it is just the beginning of a very special year when you meet special people and start new adventures.

Wishing you sunshine and laughter today, tomorrow and always.