Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cease-fire declared - November 18, 2008

You may have noticed that I have been participating in an intense and deadly athletic competition with one Lady Croissant. I realise that you have all been anxiously following the race, and I know that some of you have even taken sides (without naming names Coffeelady). But today is not a day for fighting words, because today is BIGGER than me, and BIGGER than us, today is The Most Important Day Of The Year. Yes, that's right, today is:

EUROLUSH'S BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, please, ladies, raise your champagne glasses and join me in toasting the Gorgeous Germanic Goddess, the Sexy Suburban Superspy, the Fabulously Photogenic Photographer, the Cool and Capable Craftycat, the Remarkable Writer of the Rhineland, the Crazy Queen of Comedy.....

Our Precious Purveyor of Perfect Pastries....

The one.....

The only....


And now, this day wouldn't be complete without a.........

birthday poem!

So, without further ado, here is Eurolush's birthday poem...and please note...that Eleanorfromthecommentbox has NO COMMENT BOX today. Yes, because today is Eurolush's day and her comment box must be packed to the brim with birthday wishes from us all. So go on............off you go...........go to Eurolush.....LET'S PARTY!!!


Once upon a time,
In the nineteenth
Two brothers
By the name of Grimm
Dictated this
To me.

They claimed
They heard it
And rewrote it
In a forest
Deep and dark,
But since I learned it
And adored it,
It now resides
Deep in
My heart.

The tale begins
With longest journey,
Strong-loved family,
Girls abound,
Then stops briefly
In new Germany,
Forest fantasy
All snow-bound.

A blackbird
Comes aflying,
Bringing with it
Little boxes
Filled with chatter,
Sugared pastries,
Quilted beds.

The tale transforms
With page,
With picture,
Glowing white
Of lovely creature.
Here’s the castle,
Here’s the moat,
Here’s a tower
And a boat.

On this boat
The women stand,
White sails flying,
Hand in hand.
With gusts of wind,
Electric storms,
The boat now moves
Towards the shores,
And hands awaving
To their queen,
They bridge the waves
Which lie between.

“How we love your little dog,
Village musings,
Captured fog.
How we wish
To hear your laughter,
And your happily
Ever after.”
This the women shout
With a joy
Beyond all measure,
Then they bow,
And dare to say:
“Dearest Eurolush –