Monday, November 10, 2008

This post is a comment box

Hello people!

This is not an official post. What has happened is that for some reason my "comments" line in my previous post is missing (but sometimes not...but then when I's missing again), even though I have clicked on the appropriate thingmejigg, anyway, I am really annoyed because I am nothing without comment boxes. NOTHING. So I will try to make THIS comment box work, and then you can leave any comments about the Road Trip post HERE.

Love, Eleanor.

P.S. Has this happened to any of you before?


Duyvken said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What wonderful way to spend the day. I love the pics, Eleanor, you and Miss Comment Box look SO happy.

Suse said...

So so lovely. I just read all about it at Mary's place and have been waiting to hear your side of the story!

And I haven't had the commentbox problem, but I recently read on someone else's blog exactly the same thing, so it's not just you. (Phew, eh?)

Love those photos of you and the Miss.

eurolush said...

Eleanor! (If that really is your name...How can we be sure it's not Edwina? Or Earline? Or...Eustacia???)

This really is the best morning. Yesterday I got to read all about your visit to the Blue Mountains at Mary's blog. Today I got to read all about it here! It's...Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Thank you for the beautiful descriptions of the gardens and Mary's laugh, and for every single tiny detail you shared with us. You know I love the details!

It's fascinating for me to have a little insight into Mary's world. And you, Madam, were a class A, #1 detective. What impeccable work! If ever you should move to a small village in southwest Germany, I hereby promise I will take you on as a third partner (Tex, of course is also a partner) in the eurolush detective agency.Together we will solve many curious cases involving small elderly German men and women and their sordid, scandalous lives.

And now I'm going to go back and re-read your post...and Mary's!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

She is one heck of a writer our Eleanor.

And a lovely lovely woman...

Tuli said...

It was so nice to read a tale of Spring! Your recap of your visit to the Blue Mountains and Mary was the perfect accompaniment to my first cup of coffee. (Alas, it was not a double-shot latte.)

RW said...

What an incredible day for you and yours!

I am in awe that you met in person.

In awe.

eurolush said...

Having re-read your post, dear Eleanor, I see there's nary a mention of Mary's laughter.

There's plenty of beautiful descriptions of gardens and pathways--of dappled sunlight and scurrying dachshunds. But no laugh from Mary.

How did I get that idea into my wee lil' noggin? Why did I remember reading about Mary's laughter?


So strange.

PS-When's Mary coming to YOUR house so that we can "see" into YOUR life, too?

Enquiring minds want to know.

PPS-Loved the photos of you and Miss C.B.

laura said...

What a beautiful day. And how gorgeous you and the miss are. I would say dear Eleanor but now I don't know if you really are an Eleanor? Things to ponder..(I really am a Laura in case you were wondering)

I will reread this post many times. It is the equivalent of the perfect short story, made all the better because the people are delightful and real and I am so thrilled for you all that you made the journey and the connection.

This shy girl is so proud of you for venturing out onto the playground : ) !

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Dear Visitor from Germany..

I am thinking I would love to meet Eleanor at that arty farty cafe in the inner city.

That's what I am thinking..