Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sixth day

As I arrived at the beach this morning, I heard a little boy say to his parents (they were walking behind me) "Look, there's fog on those mountains," his mother corrected him, "No, sweetheart, that's sea mist over the cliffs."

Whatever you call it, it was simply lovely.

The beachside cafes have thankfully reopened, so I had a large skim cap in the shack. This photo is dedicated to The Coffee Lady, with love.
These two young women sat and watched the ocean and chatted. The one on the right had a British accent, the one on the left had a French accent, and I tried very very hard to eavesdrop but the sound of the waves crashing got in the way. They laughed a lot and I loved having them sit beside me. They were so young and happy and vibrant.

Then it was time to build a sandcastle for Eurolush, as per her commentbox request. You know, Eurolush is very very crafty, so I really tried very hard to make this sandcastle special. I added a flourish of seaweed, isn't it lovely?

Here it is again, with a bit of a different view.
This is what the top of the castle looked like - I collected those shell fragments myself, and the mosaic effect does NOT come easy to me, E like to say "Don't hate, appreciate" (?)

E also reminded me of a book which I had on my bookshelf (she's spooky that way), so I took it down to the beach with me. Here I am about to start Chapter One.

Then I swam, and dozed, and swam, and dozed, and walked home. I arrived home to find that Miss Commentbox and her fab friend D had baked this cake (chocolate). It had just been taken out of the oven and was turned upside down so as to show its surprise nutty caramel topping.
This daughter of mine is quite something! Plus, they had already washed all of the dishes. I know, I know, I am blessed I tell you!!! Blessed!!!!

So now I'm inviting you all to send me your personalised sandcastle requests. One per day, so get in quick, leave your comment in the box and don't forget to add any special features you may require (eg type of structure, preferred decoration, name? blog name? a 5-word poem...the sky is the limit...literally) and it will be created in sand by yours truly.
Oh, and refreshments will be brought tomorrow by Alice C, sandwiches I believe, and you all know what an awesome cook Alice is so get in early people!!!!!!!!!


Esti said...

oh, i'd love to have a sandcastle!!
with pebles, seashells, litle twigs, whatever... :)

Merry Christmas Eleanor!

Anonymous said...

I would like you to make a little sand castle retreat for your self, in whatever design inspires you. And save me a piece of Miss Commentbox's cake :-)

Jen said...

I'd like you to build one with Magic Powers, to end winter in Chicago early and skip right to spring, while miraculously having no impact on the rest of the world's weather pattern.

eurolush said...

I love, love, love my sand castle!! You are the BEST.

What a happy surprise to find at the end of a very, very long day. A cold day, in fact. A day spent outside walking and walking...and then walking some more--through a beautiful city...but as I mentioned, a long day. With much walking. In the cold.

I did read my book today in the car. And I thought of you out on your beautiful beach.

I will have to go back and look again at my sand castle. The seashell mosaic on the top is perfect. As is the seaweed. If only you could pack it in a box and send it to Germany...

Can't wait to see the next sand castle in your series. This is so exciting!

PS-Word verif.: hodsea
Perhaps the name of my castle..."Hodsea."

Badger said...

Dude! I am so loving these days at the beach with you!

My castle needs a moat. That's all, just a moat. I have simple tastes.

Anna said...

How exciting - I would be most happy if you made me a star of sand and shells and an unexpected item - of your choice!
I guess you're at sleep right now so my only hope is that you check in here before leaving for the beach in the morning.
If so; Good morning, E and the pastry queen, miss E, have a lovely day!

Tuli said...

I'm with Badger on this one: a moat is most definitely needed on my castle. With a Cappuccino cup turret and seaweed banners.

Duyvken said...

Darling, I do believe you are drinking from one of my favourite take-away coffee cups. That means that we enjoyed that skim cap together. Although, I would have ordered a decaf skim latte (yes, it is a little embarrassing to order!). Another lovley day!