Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fourth Day

Another cool, grey morning.

I walked down to the beach with Ms. Commentbox this morning and this is the first thing we saw:

A full two-seater sofa and a beanbag. Impressive and brave move by the Canadians, we thought.

We settled ourselves into the shack. This time I brought along some new (and appropriate) reading material - "The Believers" by Zoe Heller. It's a good yarn.

Do you see the sky we had this morning? Strangely beautiful.

Slowly, slowly, the strong summer sun burned off the clouds.

Until it became a glorious, bright, blue beach day - classic Sydney style.

Unfortunately, the sun also brought with it the sunburned, drunk, loud and rude backpackers. When a group of twenty set up camp next to the shack with 10 dozen beer bottles we packed up and returned home.
Oh, yes, almost forgot - I did go for two swims, both refreshing, but the water was not as clear as yesterday because it had rained a bit. The lifeguards were out in full force and warned us that bluebottles were on their way in. But I still went into the water after the first warning, because today I am a risk-taking kind of gal.


Anna said...

I very much like the idea of being present in your elegant beach shack. In this time of hectic activity, every woman deserves an alternative life, preferably on a faraway beach.
Thank you so much for giving joy and wit to blogland, Eleanor. I'm so happy I met you.
I wish you and your dear ones a wonderful 2009. Love /Anna

Miss Commentbox said...

you take those risks girlfriend!
you rebel you

kmkat said...

Happily, a Portuguese man-o-war (that's what we call them) are pretty visible. I am glad you did not encounter one. They are mucho painful. A great day at the beach!

RW said...

Gosh, thanks Eleanor. I am enjoying a lovely quiet day - we have had record snowfalls but we are home from liturgy and we don't need to go anywhere. We are about to partake of a marvellous feast.


alice c said...

Tomorrow I am coming with you.
I think a day on the beach with the occasional dip in the water would be just what I need. I can bring the sandwiches.