Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Second day

I did finally get out of the house today.

Here is the proof:

I am carrying my little shack on my back (hehe).

Here is my little shack after I have set it up on the beach.

The weather was hot and muggy with grey clouds building. It didn't start to rain until after my swim.

The rain is a great beach buddy, it chases away the tourists (Duyvken - you were SO right!).

It was cozy in my shack as the rain came down, and I thought to myself:

"This moment, today, right now, is the best holiday I have ever had in my entire life."


Yesterday I forgot to show you this picture of the beach:

I lie. I didn't really forget.

I was in a melancholy mood yesterday at the beach, and the bright cheerfulness of the day didn't match my mood. I think that must be why I saw Hansel and Gretel walking hand in hand along the shore.

Yesterday, my shack resembled the witch's gingerbread house.


Duyvken said...

we love our little 'shack' as well. It lives in the boot of the car so that we're always ready for last minute trips to the beach!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a little shack. That's because I am deprived, living here in the middle of North America, pretty much as far as possible as it is to get from an ocean. Poor me. Lucky you. Thanks for the beach!

blackbird said...

Eleanor dear,

I am envious of your little shack, and your blue blue sea!

wv - ovisea!

Suse said...

This is the year that we purchase a shack, as we are off to the beach for our holidays soon.