Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pick a true Minette

Below are three synopses of the tiny book in my library "Poor Minette - The letters of two French cats." Which is the true one? Tell me what you think!

P.S. Please forgive me for not adding those little French doo-dads above some of the letters, I am too tired to find out how to do it on my keyboard.

This little book records the written communication between Minette and her best friend Gigi following their unexpected separation. Their mistresses had been neighbours and best friends for many years until Minette's mistress (Mademoiselle Celia) married Monsieur Pierre and moved to a grand manor in the country. While Gigi continues to live the high life in her city apartment, poor Minette must face the harsh realities of married life in the country. As Minette becomes more and more depressed so do her letters become sadder and sadder. This leads Gigi to put together a cunning plot to force her mistress to make the long trip to the country to visit her friend, thus allowing Minette and Gigi to enjoy a blissful holiday in each other's company.

This little book records the written communication between Minette and her older sister Bebe. Minette begs Bebe's and Maman's forgiveness for having run away from home many years ago, and asks them if she may return to them. It seems that Minette ran away from home following a terrible fight she had with Bebe over a mouse-doll which their mistress had given them to share. Soon after running away, Minette met the handsome and rich Brisquet and agreed to marry him, only to find a year later that he was having an affair with a younger cat. Bebe responds to Minette's request to return home by insisting that she must remain with her husband, for at least he is rich, while she and Maman are terribly poor.

This little book records the written communication between Minette and her beloved friend Marie. It seems that Minette and Marie had stopped talking to each other following an incident involving a tomcat called Biftek, the popular Parisian nightclub 'Lumiere', and a missing collar. Minette is now desperate to regain the lost friendship and therefore sends daily letters to Marie, each one describing how bereft she is without her beloved and treasured friend. Marie responds with letters detailing the many reasons why she will never forgive Minette. This continues until a terrible and tragic accident leads them back into each other's lives and hearts.


Blue Mountains Mary said...

This is like some kind of psychological test !

So on that basis it is number one that appeals to me!

eurolush said...

I will have to choose #1 as well--because it is cheerful and uplifing. The other two are way too depressing.

If it turns out #1 is actually a made-up synopses, I will insist that you write the book yourself, dearest E.

My word verification is: "derstrit"...as in Der Strit. It sounded German, so I looked it up. Stritt. It's actually a verb meaning to argue or quarrel.


I hope that's not an ominous sign. Girl Fight!

kmkat said...

I will pick #3 because it reminds me of a Grimm's fairy tale, all dark and depressing but with the possibility of a somewhat happy ending.

Duyvken said...

Well, they all sound like wonderful stories so I think you should share the genuine one with us and then write the other 2 so we can enjoy them as well. May 2009 be the year of serialised Minette stories by Eleanor. Because I know with Miss Commentbox doing the HSC you'll have nothing but time on your hands, right? :-)

Miss Commentbox said...

I have enslaved my mum till this time next year...she will be forever keeping me sane! This is good for me but unfortunately it might mean no serialised Minette stories for you my dear bloggers....mwahahahaha..hehehe....mwahahahaha
She will have to work hard to be allowed time to blog!
Miss Commentbox
p.s. I am really not that evil, I am quite the goody two shoes.