Friday, December 19, 2008

Ladies of the Ring come in all shapes and sizes

Well...option two was the true Minette. I know, I know, who would have thought ANYBODY would come up with this story, and then illustrate it with so much detail and love. When I first read this little story I thought it was creepy and, frankly, kind of stupid. But I've had the book lying on my desk beside my laptop for a week or so until I found the time to photograph it, and it has started to grow on me.

The stylish and refined Minette with her bonnet and muff make me think that perhaps she too is a Lady of the Ring.
I love her candlestick.

I'm beginning to think it's a stroke of genius to have Minette leave her family home due to a disagreement with her older sister over "a doll with the most appetizing little Mouse's head you could possibly imagine....You, the elder, so good as a rule, quite lost your temper and beat me, you wretch, until you drew blood...all my misfortunes arose from this slight cause...I was so humiliated by such unjust treatment."

I think the name "Madame Brisquet" is just perfect. Although Madame Bifstek is very appealing too.

Below is Pechy-Ly, "my rival was a singular creature, a Chinese Cat from the province of Pechy-Ly, who had only just arrived and already had all the Tom-Cats of Paris - those notorious gadabouts - running after her."

Poor Minette. Just look at her, lying on her sofa and watching daytime television and wondering if Taylor and Ridge will ever get together again.


Tuli said...

Again with the wonderful illustrations. Your Grandpa is a wonderful collector.

And Minette! What a creature. :)

laura said...

Loved it. And you made me laugh at loud at Taylor and Ridge. I used to watch B&B religiously.
I really adore traveling through your library with you. Wonderful books and the most lovely hostess.

Sorry for the lack of comments lately, I'm up to my eyeballs in nativity rehearsals and preschool parties, and meet santa at the library and work and decorating and can you believe Christmas is only 6 days away.

eurolush said...

Your synopsis was much better, E. I think that's probably why both Mary and I chose #1.

It's time for you to write your great feline novel now!

I like the illustrations in the book, too.

Suse said...

Do you read Jen at Knitters-Knitters? She has just knitted an amazing muff. I believe it almost killed her.