Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Minette

I was trying to keep my top-secret library assistant all to myself, but then eurolush posted this picture and I just knew it would mean trouble.

Sure enough, I left the computer for a mere second last night and returned to find my precious top-secret library assistant sitting on the keyboard and staring up at the screen with love-struck eyes. Love, I am afraid. Long-distance, impossible, blog-inspired, tiny, whiskery, cute-as-a-button love.

This morning, this is where I found my pocket-sized library assistant.

The books had not been dusted, fiction was shelved with non-fiction, and the Shakespeare shelf had been badly pillaged.

It's sweet and all, I know...I even agreed to post this darling photograph of her posing with 'Anderson's Fairy Tales' (her favourite book).

But when I refused to allow her to post a love poem on my blog...well....let's just say it got ugly.

She took a hostage:

I'm afraid that poor Minette is having an even harder time of it than we thought.

I may have to call in security.


Anna said...

I love this! Giggling softly within, laughing loudly at the photo of the security guard. (Sorry, dog!)

Tuli said...

Oh Blue! you make such a fierce security guard. Especially with your plastic collar.

And that mouse! What a trouble-maker she is.

eurolush said...

Little German mousey says he loves best of all...a woman who is well-read.

Blue looks very regal in his Elizabethan dog collar.

trashalou said...

gosh! Your security looks very scarey!

word verification today - bimminga. Isn't that some sort of Neapolitan salami?

Anna said...

Yes, my neighbours did serve the glögg with almonds and raisins. They also served gingerbreads with stilton cheese which is a little too sophisticated and not traditional at all - but extremely tasty. I've never heard of anyone having ginger snaps, though. You're doing great in this culture exchange programme!

kmkat said...