Sunday, December 21, 2008

First candle

First night of Hanukkah celebration started in my parents' little garden with a light dinner.

Here is a card I made to wish my parents "Happy Hanukkah", I guess I must have been 7/8 years old. You can see the dreidels and the jug of oil, and I wrote them a little poem (in the box on the left).
This is a menorah I made in kindie in Israel. It's made out of cardboard and each candle can be flipped up on each night of the festival. If I stare very very hard at this menorah I can actually REMEMBER what it felt like to decorate it in all of the different colours.

Here is the menorah we lit...once it got dark outside. The middle candle is the "shamash" and is used to light the other candles.

Then we had latkes.
Miss Commentbox couldn't wait for me to take the photo, so she just jumped right in. The latkes were served with sugar, home-made apple sauce and sour cream. I prefer sugar.

We had a great time, even though I was so tired and so stuffed with oily goodness that I could barely manage to help wash the dishes. I also got kinda cranky with my "loved ones" because, ummm....well...I don't really have a rational reason for being cranky. I think maybe it's been a long year, and a long month, and a long week, and in the back of my mind I'm thinking that I COMPLETELY rely on my spectacular mother to take care of the holidays, while I can hardly manage to ensure that we have milk and eggs in the house on a daily basis.

Eleanor is TIRED dear readers, T.I.R.E.D. And she feels GUILTY for feeling tired. She was thinking of writing a poem about being tired and guilty, but she was too tired.

Eleanor is now putting herself to bed.

Happy holidays dear readers xxxxx


eurolush said...

Mmmmmmm latkes. I coulda helped you out with them there latkes. Instead I'm sitting here at my computer staring at your photo, while a primal rumbling is taking place below in me belly. That's just not right, Eleanor. That's just not right.

By the way, my hat's off to Miss Commentbox and her "quick reach." Well played, m'lady. Well played.

Your childhood drawings are adorable...and how appropriate is it that you were writing poetry even then? Very!

I'm glad you had a nice evening with your family...even if you were a little grumpy and tired. I'll bet...I'll just bet, you're cute enough to get away with it. Am I right?

PS-I've been grumpy and tired lately, too. No more so than usual, tho.

RW said...

I hope you had a restful sleep.

I would love to hear more of your celebrations.

I can relate to the tired bit - I have a fair amount to do before Christmas eve - and I am trying not to stress - and we have weather issues that will only complicate matters - and when the heck am I going to sew my kids' flannel pj's .

Duyvken said...

Tuck yourself in nice and tight and know that there is always tomorrow. Your mother sounds wonderful and she probably loves being able to take care of you all in this way. Your time will come and you'll be ready when it does. Of course, if Miss Commentbox is old enough maybe the tradition could be passed straight down to her allowing you to just continue helping with the washing up, taking pictures and work on not feeling guilty. We should have a 'too grumpy and tired to have a party' party.

kmkat said...

Mmmm, latkes. I love that you still have the card and paper menorah that you made years ago.