Friday, December 12, 2008

Global moon-lit rhyme

It is almost midnight here in Sydney, Australia. I checked Esti's blog a few minutes ago and saw her latest drawing - so so lovely. I immediately wrote this poem and I'd like to dedicate it to Esti and to all of the wonderful bloggers who fill my life with so much happiness and inspiration.


A string from hand to sky
Is angled to be sewn,
A fancy flight of sorts
Of diamonds, lines and notes.

Too well I know that bird,
Too well I know that flight,
My screening days have numbered
Each and every air delight.

My women do surround me,
My shoulder hopped with song,
So well the grace of inspiration
Wings the words along.

So here I sit look smile,
And thank you all in time
To the rhythm of the sharing kite
Of global moon-lit rhyme.


Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh Eleanor.

I need to do something with those words and a photograph.

I don't know what yet but you will see it.


Suse said...

"My women do surround me ..."

Perfect. And sums up our little corner of the blogosphere just right.

Anna said...

This is so touching. It captures the essence of blogging and I'm proud to be one of your women - always.
Esti really is something, isn't she...

eurolush said...

I'm amazed by the simplicity and beauty of your poems. They're like small pieces of artwork. No wonder you connect so well with Esti. You are both artists in your own way.

It truly is a gift, dearest E.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for my poem!
little miss jealous

Anna said...

Yes, that is a candle that counts the days to Christmas. If I thought it would reach you before Christmas I'd send one right away!