Monday, December 8, 2008

100 Words

No, I am NOT pregnant. But a friend of mine is, so I have been revisiting my "100 words about pregnancy" collection, and so am sharing another one with you here. Still recovering from my brother's surprise visit, so please be patient....Poor Minette will be shown and discussed in due course...and what a story that is. What a cat, what a life, what sorrows, what hardships, we shouldn't know from such pain. Meow.

I wanted to describe my pregnancy, but the words insisted on congregating in clich├ęd cliques. Luscious, ripe and fertile clung to each other. Life-affirming, miracle and joyous refused to be split up. They bored me to death. Then my husband dared me to describe pregnancy so that even a man would feel it growing. So I wrote: You discover that your identity is false. The true you is hidden inside your body in a tiny seed. It is now growing, and will soon come out of you, look you in the eye, and say “Truth is, I’m not you either.”


Duyvken said...

Another beautiful post.
You know what I find interesting about the human condition? I am thinking lots and lots and lots about if we should have another baby or if JW is my last companion through motherhood and I am seeing babies and pregnancy everywhere. Even here on your previously pregnancy-free blog. I need to make a decision so that I can get back to regular programming!!! xo

Anna said...

Amber, how about that? I have a Chinese dialect version of ginseng, " geanseig"... Guess that's why you're the poet.

trashalou said...

Pregnancy for me was like swimming through a warm pool. Except taht I was the pool and my baby the swimmer.

Yours has more poetic legitimacy than mine ;-)

Maria said...

Hello eleanor!
Every pregnancy is maybe so unique that it's difficult to compare?
My three pregnancys and childbirths were very various

Esti said...

Magnificent post. I like your words.