Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well...Ellie's castle seems to have taken on a life of its own now.

Not many know,
But with you this I’ll share,
That sometimes in the night
If you sit up and stare,
You can see from your bed
An amazing sight
And it’s always,
A castled delight.

Little Ellie discovered this
On that darkest of nights,
Right after her mother
Had shut off her light.
She sat up and stared
And saw all that was there,
The turret,
The window,
Rapunzel’s gold hair.

Then Ellie did see him
From the golden braid fall,
He pulled at the ribbon
And slid down the wall.
It was that silly knight
She had yesterday seen,
But this time he saw her
And said,
“Welcome, my Queen.”

Ellie giggled and said,
“Oh you silly old knight
I’m not yet a queen,
I’m still Princess tonight.
My mother still helps me
When my shoes I lace up,
I’m quite small,
And still drink
From my pink dolly cup."

“Well, that’s strange,”
Said the knight,
“For as I travelled down,
I was sure that I saw
On your head a gold crown.”
“That’s my hair,” Ellie said,
As she jumped off the bed,
And then asked him
A difficult question.

She said:

“Dear Mr. Knight,
I just don’t understand
Why I saw you before
Down there on the land,
Yet tonight you were up
On that turret so high!
If you're always changing
Then I think....
So am I.

The knight looked at Ellie,
Squinting his eyes,
And said “You’re right where you always were,
Here by my side.
Your castles keep changing
It’s nothing to fear,
Sometimes they are far
And sometimes
They are near.”

“It shows that you’re growing
And with that change does come,
Like beginning to read
Or not sucking your thumb.
At times you will be
In the castle itself,
Then that castle will change
And be a toy on a shelf.
You will say ‘But I’m sure
That small castle was bigger,
And in it were Madeline,
And Tigger.’”

“Then one night
You might say,
‘Well, this couldn’t be right,
That shelved castle
Has changed into
My brand new night light.
It shines in the dark
When I’m scared and alone
And then glows in my heart
Like a whispering poem.’”

“Each time you’ll be right
And each time I’ll agree,
For each castle is yours,
Numbers one, two and three.
You live in one castle,
You build one of your own,
And you’ve had many more
Since the day you were born.”

Ellie quietly listened
To what the knight said,
And then she decided
To go back to bed.
She held out her hand
And the now-tiny knight
Jumped on and,
Quite sweetly,
Kissed her goodnight.
She then placed her red lips
On his tiny shell ear
And said:
“But sweet Knight,
Please do tell me,
What are YOU doing here?”


Mary said...

All we need to find is an illustrator and you have a book on your hands Mrs!

Elizabeth said...

Hej Eleanor,

I just found you by reading Mary's post. Mary, I met through Elsita, etc.

I love your commentary box, it is so much fun to read.

Have a great time with Mary in Melbourne.

See you and a lot of smiles from Danmark.


The Coffee Lady said...

I agree with Mary. And I have girls.

Anonymous said...

You're already a beloved writer...now all that's left is publishing your work. Easy!

(I'll come to Australia for one of your book signings...I promise!)

PS-Why is that I'm so excited for your upcoming trip with Mary? I'm NOT EVEN GOING. What's wrong with me?

RW said...

This is quite something Eleanor.

Julia said...

I agree with Mary too!

Soft Rock Mama said...

Eleanor! Eleanor!!
This deserves pictures, a cover and its own little spot on library shelves.
Really fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love it, so sweet.

Duyvken said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

Now, the others have encouraged - I want to do that too - but I also want to suggest, to seriously suggest that you think about doing something with these lovely things that you write.

And that is not to suggest that blogging is not doing something with them.

I think you know what I mean.


And Melb sounds divine! Have a wonderful time and have a coffee for me.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Eleanor, the incredible worlds you create with your words are pure magic. I adore this! And you : )
And your timing is impeccable! Ellie turns 5 today and you have just given her (and me) the greatest gift in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Truly beautiful. like you.

ann.e said...

what a sweet sweet poem! it made me tear up a bit for my ever-changing little girl.

I just followed journeymama to you... I love your explanatory 'commentary box'! I love all the trails we follow through blogs :)

trash said...

oh eleanor, how lovely. You are a philosopher truly.

Ellen said...

What a wonderful reremembering of childhood your poem brings to mind. Thank you!