Saturday, November 1, 2008

One hundred and ten

I have just noticed that I have 110 posts on my blog. I'm amazed at myself! You have no idea how much courage I need every time I hit the "publish" button.....why...I actually still cringe slightly every time I do so. I am so very grateful to the person who invented blogging (is there one such person? I wonder) because it has allowed me to tap into a community of such different, interesting, talented and generous women from around the world. I am so grateful that I have readers! In fact, I feel that I have quite a personal connection to my readers, and I do hope that other bloggers also feel that way towards me when I frequent their comment boxes.

I think about you all the time, dear readers. I really do. Yes, I mean YOU!! I think about things you have written and photos you have taken, I think about your artwork and craftwork and gardenwork, I think about your children and your pets and your jobs and your clothes and, of course, I think about the shoes you wear and the food you eat. Those of you who blog anonymously-I imagine what you look like and am convinced that I'm correct, and those of you who are only a name in my comment box with no blog attached...why...I think you may actually be my favourites (hi Laura :-), after all, that's how I got my blog name. I'll never forget that crazy day when I spotted Kim from allconsuming at the Growers' Market, the way she turned her face to me when I introduced myself and flashed her wide and gorgeous grin and said "You're Eleanor from my comment box?!!"

Now. It has come to my attention that many bloggers offer up a little prize to be raffled off to one lucky commenter, in celebration of a blogging anniversary. I have therefore decided to offer (as a lucky comment-box-door-prize) this beautiful knitted pair of socks I whipped up yesterday:

Hahaha. If you fell for that one then you are obviously a very new reader. I cannot knit, nor can I sew (at all!), nor patchwork.

Oh, really? What did you say? Oh, yes, well...that's true.....I do occasionally write a little poem.....yes.....I admit it....what? You say that maybe I might make a poetic offering to one lucky commenter? A poem on demand. I like the sound of that, and yes, I know it is a good idea because it makes me very nervous and self-conscious - that is a sign that I am on the right track here.

So, without further ado (because the lady of the ring MUST continue on her horse-drawn carriage of a journey asap) I proclaim that one of you will have your name drawn out of a hat (Miss Commentbox's hat which I bought her from Etsy for her birthday and which she adores and which I would never have found if I had not been blogging) if you leave a comment below. You comment below should also state the SUBJECT of said poem!!

Good luck and may I not regret this decision tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there's a comment boxer more beloved than you, dear Eleanor.


That may be confusing.

People may start thinking you're a professional boxer.

When really you're just a traveling cage fighter, who happens to go by the name, "Lady Thunder From Down-Under."

Anyway. Where was I going with this?

Oh! Yes. I love this idea of a poem on commission. You have a special talent, dearest girl. I've read your poems (most recent to Anna was spectacular) and have been lucky enough to have received one or two.

Your poems are small treasures. I love your play on words. I love the images you can conjure in just a few short lines. I love how you can capture the essence of the person you're writing about. Your poetry is just as magical as your prose.

I truly look forward to reading the poem you create for the winner here...whomever the lucky darling may be.

Also--I'm so glad you've kept posting. 110 posts is nothing to scoff at! I'm proud of you. And I agree--the best part of blogging has been meeting wonderful women from all over the world.

And--you're no exception, Lady Thunder from Down-Under.


Suse said...

Wot the lush said.

Suse said...

Ooh I hit send before I could tell you what the word verification was. It was PREVOMAT.

And this one is FORSTA.

And, dear Eleanor, if I am the lucky winner, I humbly request that the poem contain those two words.

Julia said...

My word verification is proph.
Short for prophecy, or long for prop or misspelled for prof? Subject, to be discussed.

Thank you for being brave and posting those 110 posts.

RW said...

It seems abit surreal at times - these blog connections but I also take great delight in you and the others.

I choose DELIGHT as my subject.

Anonymous said...

Blue October, please. And if you could work "orange" in there, too, that would be great ;-)

alice c said...

The thing that gives me the most pleasure is to find a blog with a unique voice - a writing style that is quite different from any other. Then I know that the blog is written from the heart of the writer. Yours is such a blog dear Eleanor and I am so glad to have found you.

Windows open and windows shut would be my choice.

linda said...

To play your commenting game,
I think that finding comments is a salve for loneliness, like when the words in a good book leave you breathless, astounded that someone else has written exactly what was in your heart.

Anonymous said...

She said my name!
She likes me. she really likes me.
Sorry I'm having a Sally Field moment here
but truly it does feel that way.

And you, dear Eleanor
You make my day every day.
Your writing leaves me breathless and your gorgous words run around and around in my head in the same way my favourite authors do. Quite a magical gift you possess and I adore you for sharing it so beautifully with all of us.

A poem. What a wonderful prize.
The one you wrote for Anna was glorious.
Can the word be a name?
How about Ellie (for my beautiful wee one)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say congrats on your 110th post!

It feels like yesterday that BB first introduced us to you and Eurolush and life has been so much brighter ever since.

A toast to you dear Eleanor and a thank you too.

Duyvken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duyvken said...

Salty snacks and muffin tops.

The latter being the reason I am avoiding the former.

I hope it gets a little easier to click that publish button when you remind yourself that we, your readers, always love to hear from you.

Thank you dear Eleanor and here's to post 111! 111 - doesn't that look lovely?

KPB said...

You know, I kinda wish that one-off meeting at the Grower's Markets when I was all flustered and not properly medicated had transpired into some sort of regular get togethering - over food and hot beverages.

This is something we need to work on.

If my name gets drawn out of that hat I want the poem to be about that weird lint that gets caught in the corners of your big toe that you have to dig out with something pointy and sharp. Like the tip of a mathematical compass.

Because I am one helluva classy chick.

AND my WV is 'picaver' - which seems very appropriate indeed.

Sömsmånen said...

Dearest E, sorry for not commenting on the shoe issue, a subject close to my heart. I tried to google Funkis but drowned in architectural phrases. I'm sure your shoes are divine. Please post a photo.
I so glad for us both that your readers semm to love your poem to me (as much as I do).
I really don't think it would be fair to join the poem-give-away since I've been already blessed.
Take care.

On WV: mine is trath, a word that sounds Tolkien to me, very Norse but not meaning anything.

Esti said...

Thanks eleanor for thinking about me, my kids, my life... for thinking about all of your readers... :)
If I won your poem, I'd love you to write it on "The strenght of women"... or something related to my magic circles... Thank you.

Esti said...

or magical forests, maybe?

trash said...

Anna? Trath sounds like someone with a lisp saying my name.

My word ver is 'repicasp' - this is a piece of gym equipment used in a particularly strenuous manner to faciltate quad development.

Should the hat of etsy clverness yeild my name, I would request a poem about solitude.