Monday, October 13, 2008

Not what, but where

Sorry about this, but Chapter 3 is still on hold due to yet another Jewish festival which commences tonight - Sukkot.

But do not fret, because the lady of the ring is never very far from any of my posts. That lady...she lurks behind my words and huddles behind my comment boxes, always there in the background, always waiting for the right moment in which to reveal a little bit more of herself. Take care, dear reader, for she is watching you too.

Ahem...sorry about that....getting a bit carried away there...

So... I thought you might like to see the sukkah we built in our backyard. If you like, you can read more about this festival here. A few years ago, we bought this "modular sukkah", and putting it together is a family activity.

I meant to take photos during the process, but I had to concentrate on the task at know, ensuring the kids don't kill each other, stopping my son from disappearing into the house to play X-Box, arguing with my husband about the proper positioning of the door. This kind of thing can end in tears, so, you know, not much camera-work was going on.

All ended well, and here is the finished product. My daughter was in charge of the traditional decorations. I kept thinking of all the bloggers I know who would have loved to get their hands on this sukkah - to sew curtains for it, knit fruit for it, add colours to it, take photos of it, compose poems about it, write funny essays about the people sitting in it. Yeah, that's right, you know who you are, yes, I mean YOU. I was thinking of all of you. So then I invited you to come over and have dinner in the sukkah, and you all came over and we had so much fun. Because, you see, Sukkot is not so much about WHAT you eat, but WHERE you eat, and we all ate in the temporary shelter offered by a comment box which materialised in my back garden in the shape of four plastic walls, a metal frame and a bamboo ceiling.


That One said...

I adore the veggie decorations on the outside of your sukkah. What does the sign above the door say?

Is it appropriate to say Happy Sukkot?

Badger said...

Wait, is THIS the cheesecake holiday? WHEN WILL MOSES BRING THE CHEESECAKE?

Either way, that looks like a fabulous place to have dinner. I love the big picture window and the bamboo roof.

RW said...

So, do you eat all your meals together in the Sukkah or just the evening meals?

Thanks for sharing this festive occassion with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your Sukkot celebration...and for letting me have a looky-see around the backyard.

You do realize, it was necessary for me to enlarge all of the photos of the sukkah so as to see every detail. I commend your shared family construction and decorating! It looked like a cozy place to eat a meal.

By the way, what did we eat?

alice c said...

I have learned more about Jewish festivals in the past month than I have known in the rest of my life and I am so grateful. My ignorance of Judaism has been a source of great anxiety to me and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to understand the cycle of celebration and remembrance through your eyes.

trash said...

Moses brings cheesecake? What is Hepsibah in charge of then?

Suse said...

Hepsibah stacks the dishwasher, obviously.

Sömsmånen said...

This is all new to me, so exciting! And that blue is heavenly!