Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello Julia, Mary, kmkat and CL. There you are in my commentboxes, making me smile. My goodness, your presence takes me back to those years of fun and games we had - sharing poems, witticisms, sketches, photographs and a treasured, knitted scarf.

To answer your questions, the new background is simply one offered by Blogger for free. As far as my news from the past year - I was commissioned to adapt a book into a romantic comedy screenplay, a project which took up most of my time for the past two years. As it's the first screenplay I have ever written I had many obstacles to overcome. I am just beginning to learn the craft and I doubt it will ever see the light of day (or should I say - cinematic light) but it's finished to the best of my ability and I'm looking forward to my next project. I'm currently exploring ideas for a children's film, as well as toying with the idea of a graphic novel. I also now work as a screenplay consultant, helping other writers bring their vision to the page and the screen.

I would never have had the courage to do all of these things if not for the years of joy I experienced while blogging.

In the words of Diana Wynne Jones:

"If you love people and things enough then sensational things happen. It is, if you like, a form of wizardry." Our blogs were really love letters to the world, to each other, to ourselves.

Here is the awesome Diana Wynne Jones talking about her novel "Howl's Moving Castle" and its adaptation by Miyazaki into the animated film of the same name.

Here is the trailer for the film:



librarygirl said...

Eleanor! Hello ! Howls is one of my favourite movies. great to see a blog post from you xx

The Coffee Lady said...

Wow. Things have really changed for you, haven't they?

Suse said...

So wonderful to see you blogging again!

Duyvken said...

Dear dear Eleanor! I am so happy to see this post from you. xxx

Julie said...

Hello Eleanor, Amelia alerted me to the fact that you were back. Happy New Year. So looking forward to hearing more from you.

Duyvken said...

Journeymama is only 32! She's done so much living - I can't believe it. I love her blog and am looking forward to hearing about baby's arrival.

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