Friday, January 27, 2012


A dear friend of mine and fellow screenwriter co-wrote and co-produced a TV pilot/teaser for the Optus ONE80 PROJECT competition.

It was chosen as one of the top ten entries!!

Here it is, titled "Deadbeat Dads". I'm so proud and excited for Shelley and her team!!!

P.S. You can vote for it too!


trash said...

Woohoo! Hope they get picked.

Duyvken said...

Oh my! A post! I always drop in just in case you're 'home'. PS I love that you're a screenwriter, have I mentioned that?

Paola said...

... I'm always checking too ...
How about a post to let us know what's brewing in your pot?

Anonymous said...

Hello E!

Hey--I'm in good company here!

How exciting to be chosen as a top 10 entry. Best of luck to your friend, Shelley!

PS-I voted for it!

XX Elush

Rodrob said...
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Roderick Robinson said...

You may remember me as Barrett Bonden (Blog: Works Well). Since then I became Lorenzo da Ponte (Blog: Tone Deaf). My novel, Gorgon Times, will shortly become available on Amazon/Kindle.

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Thanks and cheers,


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I believe we are defined by our jobs but since most of us don't chase rapists, moon about Lucian Freud, deconstruct Derrida or overcome authorial block we rarely see our lives mirrored in fiction. Gorgon Times was written with most of us in mind.

Gorgon Times was also written in parallel with a blog, Works Well, which attempted to enliven what I call technology. Works Well took the line that a gearbox, described intelligently, can match a Brancusi. Occasionally I posted details about my progress with the MS and several readers responded with encouragement and help.

I owe special thanks to:

Read/re-read the MS; saved my bacon many times over.

Created Kylie to the last scissor-snip; handed her to me on a plate.

The Crow
Discussed the nature of being a woman.

Taught me verse-writing.

Veronica Bore the absences, prepared the meals, shared the mu-sic.

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